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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Community Hospital Offers Free Medical, Surgical Treatment In Ogun

Dr. Olasimbo Davidson (middle) addressing journalists in Abeokuta on Tuesday 

Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji
ABEOKUTA - A community based hospital, Comprehensive Health Center in partnership with Trinitas health care partners Abeokuta, Ogun State capital has concluded plans to embark on free health services which will take care of over 2000 ailing residents of the state for free.

The Director of Clinical Services, Mrs. Olasimbo Davidson at a Press conference in Abeokuta on Tuesday announced that, the hospital is organizing a 4- Day Free medical services for people living in the locality. 

The hospital,  which is situated at Totoro area of Abeokuta will commence the said free health services between Wednesday, 1st to 4th of May, 2019 in celebration of its one year of operation in the state.   

Speaking at the briefing, the Director of Clinical Services and Quality of the hospital, Dr Olasimbo Davidson appreciated the state government for the support it has been rendering since the establishment of the public private partnership hospital. 

She said "We congratulate His Excellency, Governor Amosun for his commitment to this dream of rebuilding the State infrastructure and establishing the first independent community-based hospital in Ogun State.

"His Excellency and his team of dedicated healthcare professionals led by the Honorable commissioner of Health, Dr. Babatunde Ipaye in partnership with the Trinitas Healthcare Partners has made it possible for the hospital to be established in this community with the aim of providing excellent healthcare services to the local communities.

"As we celebrate one year of providing effective healthcare services to the community infrastructure by Governor Amosun, we are embarking on this 4 days of medical mission to Abeokuta with the initiative of providing free medical check-ups, diagnostics and significant discounts on surgery e.t.c

"From Wednesday, 1st-Saturday 4th of May, Totoro Abeokuta will be buzzing with a beehive of healthcare activities as Comprehensive Healthcare service at its best will be delivered.

"The programme is organized by Trinitas healthcare Partners to enable the general public to have access to free consultations on all medical issues and treatment for bone problems, heart problems, eye, nose & throat, kidney issues, liver problems, diabetes, infertility, disability, pregnancy problems, breast lumps e.t.c

"We are committed to pursuing excellence in community based healthcare service delivery and would be working with the best in the field of public  and primary healthcare management in Nigeria.” 

While speaking on the most battled ailment amidst Abeokuta residents Davidson mentioned hypertension, malaria, tuberculosis and food poisoning as diseases topping the list. 

"We have seen cases of leukemia especially in children because many of them are untreated. We have a lot of people with non-communicable diseases. Hypertension is one of most prominent ailment that I have noticed in Abeokuta even more than other areas where I have worked. 

"Almost eight out of every ten people here are hypertensive. It is scaring and it is something we need to address and we are already working on the strategies to tackle that. 

"Of course, we have a lot of water borne diseases, Mostly the water quality in Abeokuta maybe responsible and we have seen a lot of cases of food poisoning as well .

"We have a lot pneumonia in children, respiratory diseases, quite a lot of them are severe and we have been alarmed by increase in tuberculosis which we are noticing here unlike Lagos we hardly see tuberculosis patients in Lagos like we have seen here. 

"Within a few weeks of resuming in this hospital, it is a bit worrisome that tuberculosis is back on the rise and we are going to put in some measures to try identify those who are at-risk and try and improve on contact cases and also work with Ogun state government to address this issue." She added

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