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Monday, May 20, 2019

Banditry: Sarkin Fulani Urges Government To Enforce Ban On Firearms

ILORIN - Sarkin Fulani of Kwara State, Alhaji Usman Adamu, has urged government at all levels to enforce a ban on the use of firearms by civilians to check incessant armed banditry, killings and kidnapping in various parts of the country.
Speaking with Tribune Online in Ilorin at the weekend, Alhaji Adamu also advised the government to enforce security, saying that government should cut off food and fuel supply as well as other amenities in areas identified as criminals’ hideout to bring criminal elements on their knees.
Sarkin Fulani, who said that government should put its searchlight on those who supply arms and ammunition to criminals, added that those high calibre weapons are not ordinarily produced in the bush.
Alhaji Usman, who warned against the stigmatisation of a particular ethnic group as being responsible for the problem of kidnapping and armed banditry in the country, said that some members of each ethnic group in the country are involved.
The Fulani leader appealed to the Federal Government to prevail on security agencies against arresting and incarcerating innocent people for a long period of time, without trial.
He also called on the government to adopt dialogue in dealing with some of the security issues in order to find a lasting solution to the problem.
Alhaji Usman urged all those involved in the criminal acts to have a change of heart in the interest of peace and development of the country.


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