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Monday, June 17, 2019

How Prof. Musa-Olomu Transforms FMC, Abeokuta Into Global Standard

Prof. Musa Olomu

Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji
ABEOKUTA - The Chief Medical Director, Federal Medical Centre, Idi-Aba, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Prof. Adewale Musa-Olomu is seen as someone who is quiet and maintained a low profile lifestyle, but he is indeed a workaholic and progressive minded person. 

Since assumption of office as the seventh Chief Medical Director of the federal government health facility in Abeokuta, he had magically awoken the sleeping giant of the health institution in the gateway state. 

Musa-Olomu, a professor of Anatomy and General surgeon, called on the federal government to as a matter of necessity overhaul health facilities in the country to improve service delivery. 

Within two years at the helms, attended to the welfare of the hospital workers and ended the unnecessary rivalry between medical doctors and other health workers that had bedevilled the institution before his appointment. 

He disclosed that despite his position as the Medical director, he still discharged his duty as a surgeon, adding that the workers were efficient and cooperative.

Parts of his account of stewardship include; functional business venture, establishment of block industry, facilitating of relative inn, purchase of modern beds for Accident and emergency ward, purchase of endoscopy machine, Modern equipment for theatre, revive  of 8 suite theatre, purchase of Ambulance, Purchase of Staff buses, Complextion of giant building.

Others include, modern equipments in the laboratory, 170 heactres of Land for the commencement of Teaching Hospital and College of Medical Science, facilitating of ATM machines, Creation of FMCA Annex at Ijoga-Orile and Ayetoro, Purchase of Modern X-ray machine, and many more.

One of the major challenges of workers, patients and residents of the host community, Idi -Aba, was lack of banking facilities in that area to transact business. But Prof. Olomu perturbed by the threat the challenge poses on the workers and patients of the hospital, facilitated five ATM machines at the entrance of the hospital to ease the stress of patients during purchase and payment of hospital bills.

Olomu while inspecting some of the ongoing projects in hospital, said the need to provide all the necessary amenities became imperative following the worsened condition of the healthcare sector in the country.

The FMC Director however, urged the federal government to adequately fund the health sector and ensure training of medical personnel, this he opined  would rejuvenate  the decaying glory of the sector. 

The ATM centre
Worried by the poor training  given to medical personnel in the country,  Olomu regretted that many medical  personnel, especially neuro surgeons who were supposed to change the sector's ugly narrative have relocated to the Europe and other developed nations for professional upgrading. 

He soberly stated "You can imagine that a lot of of our people that we trained in this country as neuro surgeons, I employed two and I did not see them again, they came to me that the training is not enough that they need to use their money to look for space in UK,  USA and India to go and perfect their training."

"If the Federal government can be sponsoring  those kind of people,  they will come back and help the country instead of staying over there. I cannot use my money to perfect my training and you will expect me to come to the country and be waiting  for salary, I will prefer where my service would be more appreciate and try and get more money ", he added. 

He boasted that since he came on board Medical Director, he had been able to surmount existing problems militating against adequate service delivery in the health facility, adding that FMC now has standardise health facilities, qualified health practitioners, including favorable environment.

"When we came on board, it is like we met a dead hospital. It took us about two weeks to round to all the offices so as to identify the problems facing different departments and to offer solutions to some of these problems. Right from causalities, emergences that they did not have enough bed, oxygen, couches. We try as much as possible to ensure that our emergency unit today is rendering adequate service. We used to reject patient before, but, we don’t that again because we have added nothing less than forty beds to our causalities. We have more than enough couches, we have ambulances and I can say our emergency unit is up to standard", he stressed. 

 The Medical Director mentioned training and retraining of staff, rebuilding of various departments in the hospital, replacement of old health equipment with modern ones, refurbishment of the facilities theatres among others as some of his achievements so far. 

He revealed that he was on his toes to turn the hospital into a teaching hospital.

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