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Monday, July 1, 2019

Ogun: How Commercial Sex Worker Nearly Send Client To Early Grave Over Unpaid Service Charge

The prostitute, Adeola arguing with one of the people at the scene

ABEOKUTA - It was a dramatic moment in Oke- ilewo area of Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital as a prostitute threatened to kill her customer over unpaid N17,000 for overnight sex service.

At early hours of Monday, people in the area witnessed one Samuel scampering for safety in amidst cry for help. 

According to Samuel, he took the lady from a popular pub at Panseke in Abeokuta and negotiated with the lady to sleep over at his place. 

Samuel said, they both agreed that he would pay N17, 000 for the overnight service. 

He stated that, when they got home, he made a transfer of N17, 000 to the lady but the transaction was delayed due to bad network.

But trouble started in the mornng when the transfer failed to deliver and the lady started shouting which made Samuel to took to his heel.  

Upon hearing the shout of thief while Samuel was on the run, some Okada riders joined the chase for Samuel finally apprehended him at the ongoing amphitheater construction at OPIC roundabout. 

Samuel while panting profusely, pleaded for mercy narrating what actually transpired between him and Adeola, the prostitute. 

"Please don't kill me,  I am not a thief,  the lady (Adeola) is a prostitute. I had fun with her last night on agreement to pay a service charge of N17,000. After our rounds of sex, I did a transfer of the agreed amount but didn't deliver due to poor service. After explaining to her, she refused to believe me, saying that I was lying and she has been chasing me around ever since", he confessed. 

While Samuel  was still confessing, Adeola arrived the scene on bike in a very harsh  countenance, shouting "kill him,  he's a thief,  he must die".

But when asked whether  Samuel's explanation was genuine, Adeola confessed that she was truly a prostitute, adding that Samuel had fun with her last night, but yet to pay for the service that is why she was threatning to kill him. 

However, the security personnel at the scene settled the issue amicably between the duo and Samuel was asked to go in peace.

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