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Sunday, August 25, 2019

We’re Treating Domestic Violence With Kid Gloves – Don

Lagos – A don, Prof. Oladimeji Akadiri has said that Nigerians and the government are still treating issues of domestic violence and sexual abuses with kid gloves.

Akadiri, a professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, University of Port Harcourt made this disclosure at the launch of a book titled “Catching Grace”, written by Mrs. Ololade Okedare in Lagos.

While urging the Nigerian society to take responsibility of the menace and fight it to a standstill, the academic said, “The way forward is that the society needs to take responsibility for this and start from advocacy.

“The advocacy is to make people understand the importance and the depth of criminality that domestic violence and sexual abuse portend to the victims and the society at large.

“The problem is that because it has not yet appeared as a public criminalised offence, compare to armed robberies and all of that, the society treats it with kid gloves. The society is even sometimes sympathetic to the offenders.

“If an armed robber is caught, everybody wants him/her killed or jailed, but if a rapist is caught, the society has a tender way of viewing the gravity of the offence.”

According to the don, it is the victims that become forever deprived, not having her dignity and honour restored.

He added: “There is no compensation that can salvage the lost and the trauma the victims go through, perhaps for the rest of her life.

"Until the government begins fulfilled a lot of noise about how evil this is and show deliberate intention to punish any offender-whether they be found in the society or church or mosque or wherever, with commensurate punishment, then it will not get dawn on people that this is an offence.”

The university teacher, who noted that the menace remained a sin to God, said that though the Church had responsibilities to both the victims and the offenders, the latter should not be protected from the law.

According to him, the society and the government also have a responsibility to the victims of rapes and other abuses which include emotional, physical, health, psychological management of trauma.

He, however, called for long term support for the victims, engaging them to be of help to others who might be a victim of that.

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