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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Welcome To Mr. Bigg's New Experience

Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji 
ABEOKUTA - The foremost and biggest quick service restaurant chain in Nigeria, Mr. Bigg’s, has begun a rebranding process aimed at delivering increased value to her numerous consumers.

Mr Bigg’s, the flagship brand of UAC Restaurants, has been in existence for 33 years and is still the leading fast food chain in the country in terms of spread, customer count and turnover.

In order to remain on top and stay ahead of the competition, Mr. Bigg’s is embarking on a rebranding exercise and offer its customers more value for their money.

The new initiative is principally aimed at sustaining the heritage of the 33 years old outfit by raising the customer service to a new level.

The foremost indigenous and largest fast-growing QSR business in West Africa, with over 100 restaurants in Nigeria started as fully company owned before it transformed into partial franchise, and later full franchise.

Speaking to a team of journalists at Lekki restaurant, the Operational Manager, Mr. Oluwadayomi Ayodele said despite the competition among other confectioneries in the area, Mr. Bigg's strife to meet up with customers' request. 

Oluwadayomi noted that, one of the distinct features of Mr. Bigg's food is that, it is always served fresh and hot with its topnotch customers service. 

During the media hangout, the Marketing Manager, UACN Restaurant, Mrs. Ethel Mba said the re-branding exercise was to make members of the public have new experience of the Mr. Bigg's taste. 

Mba explained that, the new Mr. Bigg's experience is to provide an ambience where scrumptious meal is served and promote the brand with national pride that truly meet the international standard. 

She said owing to the public perception that, the services have been poor over time, the rebranding would be total and all encompassing. 

The rebranding started at the Palms mall food court area, Shoprite outlet, Osupa London, Victoria Island first because of its strategic position and its proximity to the head office.

“Our reason for being here today is to let you know of the mega transformation currently going on in our outlets across Lagos State,” Mba said, proudly pointing at the remodeled interior as customers enjoyed their meals in the beautiful setting. 

“Mr Bigg’s Shoprite is robed in new artistic clothing, if you walk up to the counters over there, you will also find out that not only are the meals different, the packaging has also changed, and there’s more to come.”

The UAC Marketing Manager, promised that the repackaging, which includes a new ambience, tastier meals, value-added meals, vastly improved customer service, a new logo and new improved restroom, would be extended to all of Mr. Bigg’s (180) restaurants spread across Nigeria and West Africa in due course.

He added, “After 33years, Mr Bigg’s is still that trendy and fun-loving brand interested in giving people a happy eating experience, interested in giving families and friends a great out-of-home dining experience.” This is why we continuously create excitement around our brand, through various activations.

Speaking at the pioneer model Restaurant located at Victoria Garden City, VGC, Lekki, Lagos, during a media tour of some restaurants recently, Mba added that the new approach promises to sustain excellence in wide variety of dishes, pastries and confectioneries to the delight of its teeming consumers, which is the heritage of Mr Bigg’s.

She explained that the VGC restaurant which was opened on the 9th of July, 2019 will remain the ‘signature poster’ for all the other restaurants in the new concept, aimed at bringing world class meal experience for Nigeria consumers with regards to customer service and restaurant ambience.

The VGC Restaurant presents a cozy ambience backed up by excellent service delivery by professionals to give customers unparalleled experience in a friendly setting. 

The conveniences, the downstairs lobby, the upper lobby are world-class, coupled with an excellent Kiddies Corner named “Duplin Planet” are aimed at providing the whole family with unforgettable experience.

Mr. Biggs as a brand has spread all over Nigeria and Ghana, offering delicious meals and first-class service delivery. Next time you walk into Mr. Biggs in Lagos, take a look at the new and exciting artistic view of the outlets. 

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