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Friday, October 4, 2019

Yoruba Group Calls On Government Officials To Patronize Made In Nigeria Goods To Promote Economy

Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji
LAGOS - The Yoruba Mandate Group on Thursday called on  Nigerians and top government officials to patronize made- in-Nigeria goods and services.

Comrade Eric Oluwole, Secretary-General, Yoruba Mandate Group made the plea on Thursday at a Press Conference heralding the 59th Independence Anniversary of Nigeria. 

Oluwole explained that buying made-in-Nigeria products by Nigerians would boost the economic viability of the nation as well as create employment opportunities for the teeming populace.

“We consider the current closure of Nigerian border as putting the cart before the horse measure economically. While we advocate for domesticated services, the government must show totally commitment to the actualization of this. The closure of border is having serious consequence on our economy as prices of commodities and service have skyrocketed.

"The government needs to provide a palliative measure before embarking on hard choices like this. Furthermore, the government can also show sincerity by investing more in science and technology. Equally we advise government officials to consider using home made products too as a way forward."

Oluwole appealed to Nigerians to be patriotic and remain focused, pointing out that we did not have any other country than Nigeria and we must be proud of it.

Speaking on the border closure by federal government, the group said the government ought to have provided palliative before embarking on "hard choices".

Oluwole said the group considered the government action as putting the cart before the horse, saying government must show total commitment to the actualization of domesticated services.

While expressing disappointment in the abandonment of projects and policies of previous governments by federal government, Oluwole noted that, the group will begin assessment of education, infrastructure, and empowerment policies of the south west governors. 

"As a group, the Yoruba Mandate Group seeks, to promote the  Economic and Political development of the Yoruba race and stands to protect its interest above all odds and equally further the unity of Nigeria.

"It is an heinous crime to hide under the wide spread evil that education is expensive, therefore the people and not the government must be made to bear the brunt. As a group we will begin the assessment of the education, infrastructure, empowerment policy of each South West states henceforth and declare any government wanting, an "enemy of the people".

He continued, "We have noticed with rude shock the abandonment of one program, policy and projects by successors in government because of party affiliation and personal aggrandizement. Equally, we observe that this action have had adverse and very consequential effect on the masses the government claims to represent. 

"We are hence appealing to every leader and governors in all of the states in Nigeria, particularly the South West as reference to turn a new leaf in the interest of its citizens. All government abandon projects becomes moribund hence affecting the locals who were once beneficiary of it. 

"International trades and diaspora relation leading to economic cum political services is now more needed than ever. We are appealing to the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to consider the adverse effects of it's polices as bothering economics and political relations. We are happy about the cease in xenophobic attacks in South Africa, particularly on Nigerians."

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