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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Ogun 2020 Budget: A Dishonest and Ignorant Critic - By Abayomi Arabambi

By Abayomi Arabambi
Some politically biased critics had within one hour of the public presentation of the year 2020 budget of Ogun State by the State Governor, His Excellency, Prince Dapo Abiodun, the bad - willers had visited the budget with biased and very warped analysis, even before the contents are digested by the ever - bitter , floating and politically unachored negative and destructive critics. Most of these arm - chair destructive critics are men much lacking in sincerity but who rate their challenged opinions as superior to those of others in all ways and on all scales  intellectual honesty

While the much more intelligent and informed,  sincere and constructive critics have now , been painting and colouring the budget in the best qualifiers you can think of,  after the reckless criticism of the first set of the hatchet writers came to disgrace their intellect on the internet. The level of professionalism demonstrated by the constructive critics of this same budget are far removed from the orbit of those who falsely claim and pretend at crude and unmerited professionalism.

Most of these bitter and frustrated arm - chair critics have certain deficiencies and inadequacies in common , these  include but of course not limited to only intellectual dishonesty , moral deadness and even arrogance of ignorance but also lack of integrity .

Some few months' back , these cash and carry writers were busy writing poisons as criticism about the policies and performance of  the Administration led by Amosun and before Amosun, they had rained enough bad mouthing on OGD , and even before OGD , they had nearly crucified Osoba by all kinds of bad reports and doctored opinions dressed in intellectual robes only to now turn round 360° to start the praising to the high heavens , the  same set of past Governments , they had been trying to rubbish all these past years with the one purpose of getting at the Government of Prince Dapo Abiodun for no reason other than the fact that Prince Dapo Abiodun is doing good enough to truncate their party's ambition for the Governor's seat in 2023 .

The financiers and sponsors of these dirty and poisonous writings are really very frightened and are desperately wanting to distract , discredit and rubbish PDA's who they suspect is now set to explode into further and greater performances that they acknowledge will be enough and in fact has the potentials of finally nailing the electoral fate of their jinxed principal and his party.

.It has always been bewildering when one clicks on a post in the social media and begins to read supposedly exposed and informed men,  widely known and acknowledged as such , who had been busy in the past few monthshad been disgracefully busy painting the last Administration in black , enumerating tons of bad policies against it, to now turn around to again start repainting the same Government as Angelic and God sent inspite of all the ills these hack , cash and carry  writers associated to the very same Government in a mercenary manner.

Finally , it is obvious but very unfortunate that these devilish writers failed to catch the thinking of this high flying PDA's Government that informed its present deliberate steps to govern differently from the traditional policies and procedures that had been the source of the various failures of governance in the past and this is going to attract sharply different results of the past.

It is so clear that Prince Dapo Abiodun led Government has well its researches and has found that it is now well positioned to make drastic positive change through his newly found approach to ways of doing Government business. It is beyond doubt that to drive into a new and different ways of governance , the State must thread a different approach.

In concluding this short reaction, I make bold to publicly state that in a very short while, these very negative critics who at the moment are painting the worst scenario ahead for the Government will be disgraced. There is no point in engaging them on their shallow  thought process that produced their kind of criticism and their false analysis one by one because their assumed points are pointless and worthless .


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