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Friday, January 3, 2020

Awujale Of Ijebu In A Serious Dilemma

The Awujale of Ijebu-land, Oba Sikiru Kayode Adetona is a fulfilled man. His reign in Ijebu as king has brought good tidings laced with peace, tranquility and prosperity. Assuming the throne of his forefathers at 26, is a clear indication that he is every inch a born king.

As we just sauntered into 2020, Oba Adetona will be celebrating his 60th coronation anniversary after assuming the throne in April 2, 1960.

Ijebu is currently catching the buzz as the well respected octogenerian monarch remains the longest serving monarch in Nigeria. In the cause of his 60th coronation anniversary, the oba we gathered, is currently in search for a new occupant of the Ogbeni Oja title – a title last held by trained lawyer and businessman Chief Bayo Kuku, which has been vacant since his demise in 2015. The search we gathered is triggered by the installation of betting mogul Chief Kessington Adebutu as the Odole Oodua last October in Ile-ife, Osun State.

Ijebu’s history records: “The Ogbeni Oja is the highest title a free born Ijebu can aspire to. It must be conferred by the sitting Awujale. It is a position that puts him next in rank only to the Awujale.

The title was made popular by Chief Adetola Odutola in the 1950s when he monitored the selection and coronation of Oba Sikiru Adetona in 1960.”

The source added: “Since the announcement of the search for the next Ogbeni Oja , prominent business magnates of Ijebu land have shown interest. Billionaires, including founder of Globacom Dr. Mike Adenuga; Chairman of Tura Kodak Film Chief Sulaiman Adebola Adegunwa (aka Fototek); CEO of Honeywell Group Obafunke Otudeko and Dr. Sonny Kuku…”

Oba Sikiru, we learnt, is facing hard times as those interested are all worthy. The Awujale is in a serious dilemma – choosing the rightful occupant for that stool.

It’s no news that Mike Adenuga is related to him and sponsors the annual Ojude Oba festival. The Awujale is consulting with his chiefs to settle for a candidate that fits the title and not generate mixed reactions from the public.

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