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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Daniel Backs Southwest Governors On Operation Amotekun

Gbenga Daniel
Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji
ABEOKUTA - Former Governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel has lend his voice to the raging controversy over the establishment of the South West regional security outfit, Amotekun by all the Governors of the Six States of the region, saying they are good initiative meant for the protection of lives and properties of the people and resident of the region.

Daniel said, there is practically nothing wrong in establishing the regional security outfit and other similar organisations especially since they are meant to complement the efforts of the Nigerian Police and other security agencies in the country which in practical terms appear to have been overstretched.

“On the legal and ethical controversy, I see Amotekun as putting a structure around what has been in existence for several years. In fact, the initiative of the Governors bring informal security outfits under the law, so it cannot be an infraction against the constitution. People and communities have engaged private security concerns to protect them over the years. 

"The Governors in their respective states are considered the Chief Executive and Security officers. Except you are now stripping them of the ‘executive’ titles. By that right and power which is also derived from the Constitution, they can decide what form of security architecture suitable for their states and can sign cooperative agreements with anyone and any states in pursuit of that.

“States do sign cooperative agreement on joint economic initiatives; Lagos and Kebbi States produced “Lake Rice” in a sort of Cooperative arrangement; there have been cooperation on Border Towns joint development etc, so I see no reasons why States can not cooperate on security which threatens them as a people of common history and heritage.

“No doubt the South West was gradually becoming an endangered region in terms of security of lives and properties and before this gets out of hand, a quick and organised fix like Amotekun is desirable.”

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