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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Indecent Dressing: A Menace To Africa Cultural Heritage - OPINION

Ajose Marvelous 
LAGOS - The beauty of Africa cultural values is on its way to be called carcass due to the fact that we find so much interest in the western culture, oh! What a disastrous voyage; how i which we can wake up from our slumber and see the endowment and the beauty of Africans from the angle of dressing. 

Indecency which is now the most deadly disease in Africa has murdered thousands of cultures leaving the practitioners to go astray. Before the colonial era, communities and societies that were commingled to form modern Nigeria were known for their awesome cultural practices. 

However, with the advent of colonialism some of these cherished and age-long traditions were traded away. The Africans embraced the European sense of dressing and abandoned theirs because of our level of our gullibility. Since then, the sense of dressing of the colonial masters have been become conspicuous. 

Africans,  most especially Nigerians have given out most prominence to alien  culture. Being an African I can say emphatically that a trend has never missed led me politically, culturally and socially because i am a fanatic lover of African culture more so an advocate of moral etiquette. Let me take my time to enlighten you about Indecency and immorality. 

Every child of today knows that education is the key and it's burdens me a lot that till this moment I can't Phantom where the key got spoilt, based on the fact that western education piloted so much immorality,  we were in pursuance of civilization carelessly, how do I mean? We forgot to strike a balance between westernization and our culture and values. If care is not taken oxygen will be taken from African culture and its will suffocate and exist no more because of our sense of dressing, our culture pays so much attention on dressing and other related matters. 

Having said that installing moral and educational characters in a child is one of the paramount duty of parents,  mind you not only corporal punishment can remedy moral decadence advice and world of God will go a long way. I wept for Africa when I saw a quiet literate man sag down his trouser in respect of rascality,  let's raise to curb this menace. 

We should also know that Indecency is a major national and cultural crisis that auspice immorality. Being stereotyped upon social philosophy, I will say that most of the African women are main subjected victims who are vulnerable to this malaise,  the advertisement of BREAST or BUTTOCKS to the public is the man yardstick that tenders serial assault or harassment to the feminine. Ladies who dress in provocative wears slightly escapes target by the men and after exclaims for justice from the government,  men are also culpable to this malady because I can't  justify a child who hails from a good and responsible reputation to keep dread-lock on his head or Pierce his ears in the name of fashion. 

Indecent dressing is widely described as ado due to the fact that it's has muscle to fade our culture away with ease. It is Very pathetic that ladies of this generation deliberately expose private part of their body to the public,  I am becoming too garrulous and vocal to someone who is far from moral etiquette. Oh! It's ungodly when when your private body has no dignity because it's free show for all and sundry what a nation. 

Alas, to curb the menace of Indecency in our society,  cultural and social practices should be graced in accordance to a child moral upbringing routine. Parents should not stay in a brick surrounded area playing their crazy  demo in their crazy limos. Pornography,  nudity cum sexuality are the main characteristic and results of indecent dressing, parents are the major players in combating indecent dressing,  a responsible parents will enlighten their children to cultural values then strike a balance between western education and moral etiquette. Children of this century have the tendency to go wild it is now left for a parent who is responsible to  cub this religiously. 

If I will not be tagged with selfishness I put it straight to Africans that we are rich culturally, the African culture places prestige on humanity and Godliness. 

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