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Monday, January 13, 2020

It's Not Your Money, It's God's Money : Nigerians Drag Bishop Oyedepo For Sacking Church Officials

Bishop Oyedepo
OGUN - Mixed reactions have trailed the decision of David Oyedepo, to sack some church officials for allegedly looting the church’s treasury.

Bishop David Oyedepo on Saturday raged at some highly placed officials of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, a.k.a. Winners Chapel, who stole millions of Naira from the church’s treasury, he later sacked the fraudulent officials.

Here are some reactions from Twitter :

"It's not his money, its God's money and besides, he should just leave him and let God judge him...

"You guys are really dragging oyedepo for dismissing officials that stole money from the church if he didn’t dismiss them y’all would still say he did the wrong thing I don’t even understand the hate for this man tbh. Church or not looting money is a crime

"But How Come, The God Of Oyedepo That Gives Him All The Visions And Prophecies That He Always Shouts Didn't Show Him When The Officials Were Looting His Church Treasury? Is This Not A Confirmation That This Oyedepo Man Is Just A Business Man? God Cannot Allow Such To His Own!"

"Many People Especially The So Called "Born Again" Claim They Don't Believe In Karma But It's Clearly Playing Out To Business Man Oyedepo, When He's Dinning With Looters, Wailing & Supporting Them He Didn't Know Looting Shall Be His Portion Too,"

"I thought the Bible says we should forgive those who wrong us, 70 times 70.. Pls let them practice what they preach abeg"

"Don't misquote the Bible... Sit down on it and see it the way it should be! The church of God is a sanctified Place which should be respected!. Top officials and senior pastors stealing is quite unheard of!. If Nigeria operates this way actually we d be better off!!."

What do you think of the reactions? Was Bishop Oyedepo right to have sacked the church officials who Stole money?

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  1. Enter your comment...He is very right
    if you don't know the bible says we should not judge but there is also a passage that says that the righteous man is given the authority to judge
    see don't waste you life he going deep in the spirit every day and you are posting and waiting for people to say it is not right
    God will help us