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Sunday, January 12, 2020

NANS Expresses Confidence On Saapade Polytechnic Management

ABEOKUTA - The National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS Ogun state axis has passed a vote of confidence on the management of the ICT polytechnic, Saapade, in Ogun state.

The Chairman, Ogun NANS/JCC, Comrade Tomiwa Bamgbose made this known at the weekend while debunking an ill statement credited to one self acclaimed NANS Southwest Deputy Coordinator, Oladimeji Uthman, who described the management of the institution as a set of dictators.

Recall that, the alleged southwest leader accused the management of frustrating efforts geared toward the conduct of an election that will user in a new set of Students Union Government executives. 

But the NANS Chairman disassociated the association from the statement, describing it as "myopic view".

NANS said it has entered into consultation with the school management on the need to resuscitate students unionism on the campus and to ensure elections into the Student Union offices as well as the Students Representative Council. 

He noted that, the school management has shown commitment to giving credence to unionism in the school in order to ensure the students’ voices are heard. 

He therefore advised students of the institution to remain calm as all necessary arrangements are in place to resuscitation the union in the institution. 

Below is the press statement:

The attention of NANS OGUN JCC AXIS has been drawn to the junk being currently circulated by the embattled and self acclaimed NANS ZONE D Deputy Coordinator, Oladimeji Uthman, an impersonator who finds amusement in being an enfante terrible.

As against his myopic view on the management of the institution where he claimed that the institution is under the leadership of a dictator, NANS OGUN JCC boldly disassociate herself from this libel. 

The founding fathers of students unionism based activism on three Cs; Consultation, Consolidation and lastly Confrontation. That has been the modus operandi of our noble association and any logical pressure group in any part of the world.

On the Student Union resuscitation in the citadel, NANS Ogun JCC has entered the first stage of the three Cs in activism by consulting with the school management and as I write, efforts are being made by the leadership of the school under Mr. I.K Oyeyinka to ensure elections into the Student Union offices as well as the Students Representative Council. The school management has shown commitment to giving credence to unionism in the school in order to ensure the students’ voices are heard. Uthman has zero knowledge about the activities of unionism in the school thus his views are myopic.

On Babalola’s involvement with Sowore and him being wanted by the DSS, Babalola has been a controversial student even before the issue of Sowore came to light. He was suspended for writing unsubstantiated piece about the school management which after series of discussions with the management, NANS Ogun JCC in conjunction with the leadership of National Association of Polytechnic Students ensured his suspension was lifted breathing life to his studentship again. 

It is worthwhile to note that objectivity and accuracy are very essential while disseminating information in order to ensure that the security of the institution, the state and the whole country is not on the line, a line which Babalola crossed . His naivety got his supervisor suspended from work and himself being on the watch list of the DSS. That being said, efforts are still being made by the Ogun JCC that the DSS won’t make a mountain out of a molehill concerning Babalola’s involvement in Sowore’s case.

Isnt it a comic relief to note that Uthman who declared himself the ZONE D Deputy coordinator is coming out to challenge someone of being a dictator? What he should be particular about right now is getting rid of parallel government in NANS Zone D, a menace who he’s currently orchestrating. As the elders say, “ If you have to remove a twig in someone else’s eye, you have to ensure your own eyes are free of twigs as well”.

NANS OGUN JCC on this note hereby use this medium to inform the general public and all GAPOSITES that a committee will be set up by the school management comprising of students in the said institution in a bid to conduct Students union election to usher in a new set of leadership to pilot the affairs of the students in the institutions. We also use this means to send a strong warning to all imposters under the disguise of been a students leader to keep off all our institutions in Ogun state as the students leadership in Ogun state only recognize the Zonal leadership under Comr. Kowe odunayo.

Tomiwa Bamgbose

Shodiya Abayomi 

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