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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

UN @75: Minister Calls On UN To Heal Nigeria, Other Countries Of Terrorism, Food Insecurity

ABUJA - As the United Nations (UN) celebrates its 75th anniversary, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister of State, Dr (Mrs.) Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu, on Wednesday, admonished the UN to heal the world of terrorist attacks, climate change, discrimination, as well as food security and other challenges confronting the human race.
She gave this advice in Abuja at the opening plenary session of the 5th Abuja International Model United Nations Conference, as part of activities lined up to commemorate the UN @ 75 in Nigeria.
Dr Aliyu, whose message was delivered by the Director, Gender of FCT Social Development Secretariat (SDS), Dr Agnes Hart, said the anniversary should serve as a day of renewing hope for the future.
According to her: “There is no better time to address these global challenges confronting the human race, especially terrorism and other vices associated with it. To most of us, the hope that we have all learnt that we are too interconnected and interdependent today for the era of unilateralism of the past, a cause of needless conflicts and destructions, to remain attractive to anyone.
“The hope that as we take steps to correct our mistakes of the past, we are laying the foundations for new beginnings, the responsibility for which we are indebted to our children and children’s children.
“I say these with all sense of responsibility because the United Nations Organisation was created 75 years ago for these same reasons, in the wake of a global conflict whose scars are yet to completely heal.” She stressed.
The minister, therefore, commended the UN for bringing different nations together to voice out their concerns, grievances and as well as to pool their ideas and resources together and to carry every nation along in the processes that lead to decision making on issues that concern their existence, adding that the world will remain stronger when unity is promoted.
“It is a fact universally acknowledged that our problem lies neither in the differences of our nationalities and tongues nor in our forms of worship. We are stronger when we act to promote complementarities, when we join hands to cooperate with one another, when we stretch out hands of fellowship. This way, we are better off as a human race and are able to advance the frontiers of life in ways that are collectively beneficial,” Dr Aliyu stated.


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