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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Islamic Cleric Urges Muslim To Embrace Family Planning

ABEOKUTA - The Chief Missioner, Islamic Youth League, Usthaz Jubril Awwal has called on Muslim faithful to embrace childbirth spacing and family planning for safety and healthy living.

Ustadh Jubril made the call on Friday in Abeokuta while hosting the executive of the Interfaith Alliance for Family Planning and Childbirth Spacing Ogun State Chapter, saying there is need for concerted effort by the religious leaders to improve awareness and advocacy in order to reduce morality and child death rate in the State.

He argued that the exponent of Family Planning didn't consider the principles of morality and beliefs of the people. Reason why the Muslim fold in the past generation had to reject.

He posited that rarely one would found a city in African society where without a mosque or church and adherents. Hence the roles of religious leaders to combat the menace is imperative which informed Interfaith Alliance in the State.

He views that there is need to have what he called "theological Common Ground" amongst the religious leaders in order to address the perennial social issues.

While appreciating The Challenge (TCI) for the support Initiative. He called the State Government to legislate laws that will make compulsory for the pregnant women to access free medical care, and children before age 5.

He assured the delegation the willingness to use the various platforms at his disposal, including radio programmes he anchor to promote the objectives of the association.

He implored the executive to meet with the League of Imams and Alfas in the State for speedy projection.

While appreciating the executive for the courtesy visit, he encourages the leadership not to deter in promoting the just course.

The courtesy visit was initiated by the leadership of the association to promote quality of life for citizens in Ogun State.

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