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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Secondus Not After Peace In Ogun PDP - Bayo Dayo

Chief Bayo Dayo 
Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji 
ABEOKUTA - The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman in Ogun state, Chief Bayo Dayo has accused the National Chairman of the party, Prince Uche Secondus for masterminding the crisis within the state chapter of the party for his personal gain. 

Dayo said the national Chairman was not interested in maintaining Peace within the party in the state, but for the monthly salary allegedly collecting from Ladi Adebutu.

He said despite several peace attempts by his executive, the national leadership of the party turned blind eyes.

Dayo disclosed this on Thursday at a press conference while reacting to a report that the National chairman of the Party, Uche Secondus met with the  members of Bayo Dayo-led faction to unite them with Sikirulayi Ogundele- led faction in Abuja on Wednesday.

He maintained that none of his members  were at the meeting with Secondus in Abuja, saying that only the former secretary of the party, Semiu Sodipo who has been suspended for alleged misconduct.

He insisted that there was no reconciliatory deal between his faction and Ladi Adebutu's faction, adding that the national chairman was only playing 'bread and butter' politics.

According to him, those who had  meeting with the national chairman are hungry people, who were looking for money by all means to eat.

He said, ''Ladi Adebutu has once called me to go and meet his father to collect huge money from him so I can join him but I refused. The national chairman is only  interested in  monthly dollars from the party but he does not care about unity in the PDP in Ogun state.

''Those who represented my  faction in Abuja  have already resigned from the party , Semiu Sodipo has been suspended from  the party for alleged misconduct.   

''The national excos  never bothered to go through letters that has been given to them by Bayo Dayo but whatever happens in the state will be  taken to Abuja. I dont blame them because they are playing  bread and butter politics.

''The court and INEC recognize  us because we are always abide by the rule of law, unlike other faction. They are aware of what is going on and if care is not taken we will sue them for  contempt of court.

''Uche Secondus does not know anybody, they are just whom they said they are because they are nobody. None of them  is  from state executives except Semiu Shodipo.

He warned the national working committee from recognizing any signed agreement, saying that his faction is ready to initiate legal action against the national chairman for content of court.              

The chairman added that his faction has not suspended its proposed party Congress of his faction, insisting that the Congress will come up on March of 7, 2020.

''On the 3rd of February, I wrote a letter to our national chairman of our party, Uche Secondus in the latter I reminded him on the judgement that is in our favour and I told him that when we saw the programme for the congresses that with take place from  the 7th of March i see in front of Ogun state they put null which means they are aware there is a court judgement that is all in Ogun state later on they were trying to tell us that they will  not be Congresses.

"Then I wrote a letter in the letter I reminding him of the court judgement, I told him about the constitution of our party particularly  declaration that was made by the board that is restraining our great party PDP from stopping us from holding our Congresses.

''We have no problem, we are going ahead with our Congresses, what people don't know is that in the state executive committee, we are only 27, and we have 20 local government chairmen with us here and that makes it about 47, if you see two or three people grumbling of one thing or the other what does that have to do with twenty local government executives. I am representing the state executive, local government executives, two hundred and thirty six executives in the wards and their names are here. These are the people I am representing.

''Two, three people can not go there to go and take money to eat because they are hungry that has nothing to do with the executives of the party. I am not representing people who are looking for money by all means'' He concluded.

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