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Monday, March 16, 2020

Governor Dapo Abiodun: Master Of Decent Politics Of Our Time - Murtala

Governor Abiodun 

By Ola Murtala
ABEOKUTA - To blaze the trail or to play the game, it is abysmal and acrimonious to act the usual goat. If we must therefore get a different result, we must do it differently. 

Only those who hate peace will not testify to the living fact that the way politics is being played and practiced by the current Governor of Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun is by far better than how it was played by many, now and in the past. Governor Abiodun as a matter of fact, has brought into Ogun politics, forgiveness, Inclusiveness, accommodation of one another and sincerity. These are the facts I am here to impact for us not to depart from the right path.

... I have a dream which content must be translated into reality in the nearest future, a time would come, when the spirit of brotherhood will prevail over the Satan of segregation. (Martin Luther King, Jr). This dream
of a great man is gradually becoming a reality in Ogun State, Nigeria, under the leadership of the sage, Prince Dapo Abiodun MFR, the State Governor.

In life, we often secure  an opportunity of choosing between options or among alternatives. Good or bad, the two are models, patterns and samples but one is great, best and excellent while the other is little, ignoble and dishonorable. Whichever one we choose to admire, definately reflects the kind of humans we are. Decent or indecent, right or wrong, life is more beautiful and does not need a rough treatment. Let's make it decent, just like the way His Excellency, Prince Dapo Abiodun MFR, the incumbent Governor of Ogun State is threading it.

I started noticing His Excellency, Gov. Abiodun's ways of life since campaign and during electioneering periods, each time I wrote, and there was unpleasant words in my "write up", He immediately disapproved such 'write up" and advises me to be less abusive, that politics should be played decently. One day, I told an elder in my town, Owode-Egba, to decipher on the decent politics His Excellency always tells me about.

Behold, the elder said, Ola, don't you know Dapo Abiodun is wealthy, rich in wisdom and he's a Prince? Hence, Prince and Princess do not fight like slaves. Meaning, (Omooba kì ń jagun bí ẹrú).

Prince Dapo Abiodun is truly a Prince, well trained and one with a very beautiful heart. Therefore, If all of us can emulate the sage's style of politics, there won't be rooms for hatred for one another, killings of political opponents and unnecessary demolison of people's properties, especially, those who are against one's government and idiology.

We were all disappointed seeing His Excellency, Governor Abiodun not making any Executive order on May 29, 2019.

Honestly, myself and many others, went to the Moshood Abiola Stadium, Kuto, Abeokuta on the swearing-in ceremony of the good hearted Governor, to witness and corroborate how some past leaders in the State will be dealt with through Governor's Executive orders. But all of us were disappointed to see that His Excellency did not make a single order. 

Instead, he thanked God for his life and that of the good people of the State and further highlights how he intends to make Ogun State a great State through his vision and mission to giving Ogun State; a good, focused and qualitative governance and creating an enabling environment for accountability, transparency, equity and fairness in the conduct of government affairs, towards creating an enduring economic future for the State and individual prosperity for the people and enabling environment for investors. Wow! This is wonderful and commendable. Truly, Leadership is anyway not by the size of our caps and size of our clothes but only by the endowed gift of God.

It's totally not our fault to have expected His Excellency to make orders reverting some decisions of the past administration but the fault of how it was being done and practiced before him and now. 

My people, what else should we say than to continue thanking God for giving us a Man like "Omoba" Dapo Abiodun as our Governor. I was very happy the day it was aired on the State television (OGTV), that Ogun State Governor has absorbed into civil service, over 2000 workers deliberately recruited in April 2019 at the twilight of the last administration in the State to cause political misfortune and further create unnecessary hatred for Gov. Abiodun when he takes over the mantle of Leadership. Not only that, the former administration also elevated 18 directors to the position of permanent Secretaries (PS) status, without recourse or due process. 

However, despite diverse Petitions from concerned individuals to declare void, the decision of the immediate administration in all the affected critical sectors of the State's economy, Governor Abiodun with a large heart and a rare spirit of decent politics and good governance, exhibited his high mindedness, generosity, forbearance and softness, ordered the absorption of all the candidates employed towards the tail-end of the last administration and directed the immediate payment of nine months salaries owned the new workers. Indeed, this is great, commendable, loudable and praiseworthy.

In addition, Governor Abiodun forgives those who stood in his way to become the 5th executive governor of Ogun State and many of them, who seek his life to waste. 

This is rare and can be described as Godly. The big question is, can these people, Governor Abiodun forgives do same if they were him? Anyway, I'm an Egba and egbas don't easily forget histrories. So, I remeber when they were in power, the first thing they did was to embark on ', mission to rvenge'' which came in form of arresting and chasing of people, seizing and demolition of properties etc. Only God knows what killed late Apagun Olumide? Only Otunba Gbenga Daniel can tell how much loss he recorded in his newly opened '' Conference Hotel" hmm, may God forgive all of us and give us the grace to do it right.

Ultimately, it's very commendable to see the likes of Mr. Gboyega Nosir Isiaka, former Deputy Governor of the State, Alhaja, Salmot Badru, former Speakers of the State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Titi Oseni and Rt. Hon Suraj Adekumbi, former People's Democratic Party, PDP Chairman, Elder Joju Fadairo, Chief Mrs Iyabo Apanpa, Former Governor Gbenga Daniel, others associating with the incumbent Governor, His Excellency, Prince Dapo Abiodun MFR, 'Omo ogbon'. 

This can only happen when we have not just a Man, but a Sage. Not just a Sage, but a Gem. Not just a Gem, but a Model. Not just a Model, but Master of decent politics as Governor.

Thank you!

Ola Murtala writes from Abeokuta

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