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Friday, March 27, 2020

NANS Gives ATWAP 24Hours To Reverse Sachet Water Price

Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji
Following the increase in price of pure water by Association of Table Water Producers (ATWAP), the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has called for immediate reversal of the pure water price. 

NANS in a press release signed by its Vice Chairman in Ogun state, Comrade Ekundina Segun Elvis frowned at the 'unreasonable' and selfish increase of sachet water from N10 to N20, describing it as a means to further inflict hardship on Nigerian masses. 

The students body noted that, the increase in price of the sachet water during this coronavirus pandemic was uncalled for and capable of threatening the survival of Nigerians.

NANS however gave the table water association 24hours to reverse the price to its initial N10 or face the wrath of Nigerian students.

"When every structure in the country were still functioning well,it was not easy for most Nigerians to procure a sachet of pure water at the rate of #10 and there was no rise in price of commodities. Is it now that everything in the country is closing down that there is need for rise in price of commodities?

"The rise in sachet of pure water is absolutely increased by 100% which mean the price has rise from #10 to #20.

"This is the moment for us to bunched together to fight for the general health of Nigerians, this is the time for us to imitate what the Scripture says that "we should be our brothers keeper" and not to think of making money at this state of the country. What will be our profit,if there is money without life?

"Unselfishly Nigerians and Foreigners are contributing from the little that they have to protect good health and lives of Nigerians for us to be able to survive this Pandemic Virus and the Leadership of ATWAP has deemed it to fit come out with a conclusion that it will inconvenient Nigerians by rising the cost of Pure Water by 100%.

"This is an aberration and the Leadership of National Association of Nigeria Students, NANS will not sit, fold her arms and watch this to occur at this point of time. For a injury to one, is an injury to all.

"Today has come, tomorrow will tells the action of today but is left for us to either say the fact and live or violate the trust clothed on conscience of humanity that is the reason why our Organization deemed to it fit for justice and give  the Leaders of Association of Table Water Association Producers, ATWAP 24hours to return the cost to status quo till further notice or they face the anger of NANS as the leaders will come out will a task force committee for all Local Government across the state in 24hours time."

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