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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Ogun Assembly Chief Whip Debunks London Brouhaha, Says Okunola's Claim Does Not Portray Her Personality

Hon. Atinuke Bello
Adenike Sanusi
ABEOKUTA - The Chief Whip, Ogun State House of Assembly, Honourable Atinuke Bello has discountenanced the claimed that the epistle written by Abiodun Okunola doesn't define her personality.

Recall that Honourable Atinuke Bello along side her colleagues were on a working trip to the United Kingdom recently where he eventually met with one Abiodun Okunola in London.

In response to the said allegations recently circulating on social media, Atinuke Bello maintained that Akinola's claim doesn't define her to the public as claimed in his epistle.

Atinuke on her facebook page posted that "my attention has been drawn to the piece of Okunola Abiodun going round on social media, and I believe it would be right to say something to the public, especially my constituents who elected me into office.

"The Office of the Chief Whip in the State House of Assembly is a great one that comes with a lot of responsibilities, but if in the process of discharging my duties or even in my social life, anyone feels offended, it is simply a normal thing and  human to say sorry.

"If Okunola Biodun had told me he felt offended by my statement, I would simply have said sorry immediately but instead, we smiled over my statement and moved on, after which he came back to say I was nonsensical. I instantly wondered what went wrong, because this was a man I had earlier met at the mall and he cracked jokes with me but I did not get offended by the statement he made, which if translated into English, might be termed an insult.

"So while all this was going round on social media, I actually put a call across to him and it was resolved. During our reconciliation, he opened my eyes to so many things around me that I had been ignoring as a human being and I am most grateful for that".

"Okunola Abiodun even affirmed to me that he did not send the write up to the media and I believe him", Atinuke stated.

In the same vein, Mr. Olutoyin Bello, husband to Honourable Atinuke Bello with journalists in Abeokuta on Sunday affirmed that his wife has been with him as a pillar for such a long period with humble and transparent character.

"I must make a statement toward the defamation of character against my wife. This is a woman that has been with me as a pillar for such a long period of time, I can't now sit back seeing someone trying to tarnish her image; how could someone  make such bad representation of my wife without knowing her fully".


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