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Sunday, April 19, 2020

ABBA KYARI: Speaking Ill Of The Dead - Eddy Aina

Late Abba Kyari
By Eddy Aina
Perhaps for once, I have been privileged in my lifetime to read a masterpiece on the time and life of an acclaimed public servant who bestrode power and all power stood for like a collusus, albeit abridged but apt, lucid and laced with appropriate axioms, unambiguous language and a story told by a brilliant mind, an ace story-teller.

I once had a chat with a former Ogun State Deputy Governor who convinced me that there are only two types of people in this world --you either good or bad, nothing like a person is both good and bad. I agreed, more so when by your action or inaction, you have directly or indirectly inflicted untold hardship on the majority. 

Oyeyemi is on point. We must begin to paint the correct picture and do proper characterization of the dead to serve as deterrece to the living. That is the lesson. 

There are at least three or four former presidents still living that would  be given the Oyeyemi treatment --they are un arguably those who either hijacked power or who fortuitously had power thrusted on their laps but messed our common patrimony and collectively rendered Nigeria comatose, ran Nigeria aground, imposed untold hardship on Nigerians such that it will take a selfless leadership to unchain Nigeria. 

They have collectively consigned our nation to an unediifying cohort of  poverty, number one globally despite our human and material resources. No point deodorizing characters whose place in history is hall of infamy. 

Bold, assertive and unputdownable, like Oyeyemi, Nigerians are waiting. God spare our lives. I end this with the quote of the inimitable Shakespeare *"The evil that men do lives after them. The good hath often interned with their bones. Let it be so with Cesar"*

Let it be with all who have conspired to hold this country by the jugular and her innocent people down attaining quality social, economic and technological development. 

Kudos to Oyeyemi for his masterpiece.

©Eddy Aina

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