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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

COVID-19: IPAC Raises Alarm Over Poor Distribution Of Ogun Relief Package, Calls For Dissolution Of Committee

Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji
ABEOKUTA - Inter-Party Advisory Council, IPAC, Ogun State chapter, has called for immediate sack of all members of Ogun State COVID-19 food stimulus distribution in the state.

The body described the committee members as irresponsible, dishonest, accusing them of diverting the food stimulus.

IPAC in a press statement signed by its Ogun state chairman, Asiwaju Abdulateef Adedamola and made available to newsmen in Abeokuta on Tuesday alleged the committee members of diverting the fund meant for the foodstuff for their 2023 political agenda.

He said, ”We strongly call for the immediate sack of some members of Ogun State covid -19 food Stimulus distribution at the state, culpable people in the local government and ward up to the state level for staging a civilian coup-detat against the Governor and people of Ogun state for their irresponsible criminal diversion of the food stimulus, dishonesty and thoroughly corrupting the process of distribution of the heavily and proudly publicised food stimulus package in Ogun State.

”This ongoing partial, infuriating and very deceptive distribution exercise has set the citizens very angry with the ruling party and its Government.

”This is not because the ruling government is uncaring, incompetent or not people – friendly, but simply because the vehicle driving the distribution led by those committee are wantonly greedy, very dishonest and unbelievably corrupt.

”From the apex of the distribution network down to the lowest rung decidedly hoarded the food package to personally store same in their private stores for personal re – distribution to party faithfuls, friends, family and political strong arms mainly known as political bouncers”.

He continued, "The damage, the greed, dishonesty, insensitivity and deliberate total disconnect of the officials saddled with the responsibility of the sharing of the palliatives have now caused the Government despite all that the Governor has done to earned a good image and the love of the citizens in pre – distribution, is much unfortunate.

”All of that have now been extensively and firmly rubbished by the shameful greed , dishonest gang of food thieves wrongly named into the various committees at every level.

”About a week back we had written to advise that the food committees should be composed such that transparency could easily be attracted by including the State Chapter of the IPAC in all the stages of planning and execution of the distribution exercise.”

IPAC therefore recommended that, a simultaneous survey wherein a physical visitation arranged by each ward committee to identify and register the possible targets as beneficiaries.

The group noted that, the survey would have eliminated the present development where the food stimulus are cornered by a few members of the ruling APC.

”Another suggestion that the state missed includes the formula for distribution from Senatorial zone to Senatorial zone. Take for instance that Government targets 100,000 households of say of 4 members each. IPAC could have suggested that the numbers are shared as follows; Ogun East 35%, Ogun Central 35%, Ogun West 30%.

"This translates to mean that if the target had been to capture 500,000 households, this formula would have easily, transparently benefited 35, 000 × 5 households to total 175,000 across the state seamlessly and transparently in each of Ogun Central and East .

”Unfortunately, the authorities were misadvised into ignoring IPAC, a body that had gone ahead to issue a press release of its intention to fully cooperate with the ruling government and party in this exercise that ought to go beyond party partisanship.

”Though credits must be given to the Chief of staff, The Secretary to the State Government, The SA on Government House for granting access to IPAC most of the times but there was a great disconnect between political parties and the Ogun SSA on political affairs.

”With the extremely impressive records the Ogun State Governor has earned in the last close to one year as a people – friendly Government that cares for the welfare of the citizens to have been conclusively rubbished by this horribly dishonest and thieving Committees of strictly APC members who intentionally turned the whole food stimulus exercise into party membership drive."

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