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Friday, April 24, 2020

I'm Not Infected, COVID-19 Confirmed Patient Cries Out

ASABA - One of the last two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Delta State, Miss Omamuzo Ijala, stated on Thursday that she was being held unjustly by the authorities managing COVID-19 outbreak in the state as she did not test positive to the virus.
In a voice message she recorded and in circulation on social media, she revealed that she is currently being held in Central Hospital, Warri.
She explained: “On Tuesday last week, I left my house to visit a friend at Udu and I told her that I had strong cough and when the cough was becoming too strong my friend said we should go to Otu-Jeremi General Hospital.
“When i got there, the nurses looked at me and said I should go for X-ray for my chest, I went on X-ray at 7 Test Laboratory close to the hospital. When the test result came out, they said I had Pneumonia of which I know that I had pneumonia since August, 2004 and after that they referred me from Otu-Jeremi to Central Hospital, Warri.
“When I got to Central Hospital, Warri and the doctors heard me cough, they all ran away. So I was confused, then one lady nurse among them started shouting “she cannot stay here, echoing “she has to go.”
“After much talk, my friend that accompanied me to the hospital, met one of the doctors on duty and asked what was happening, the doctor could not defend himself. As a matter of fact they didn’t even know what to administer me with, even when a coronavirus patient is brought before them, they started making calls, none of them could stand as a doctor to defend himself, at the end of the day I called one of the doctors and said before coronavirus came into existence there have been strong cough, what have been the medication for strong cough?
“The doctor was looking at me, he could not say anything. After sometime, the doctor later came and said I should lie down on their waiting room on a bench were they used to attend to people that came for eye treatment.
“I went home the next day, when I got to my house, they called me that I should please come back to the hospital, I refused because when I went there they treated me like a refugee. The doctor pleaded with me to come back that they need to attend to me. I came to the hospital they tossed me up and down, it was later on Saturday evening at about 7pm that was when the doctor came to me, he later left saying i shouldn’t worry that another doctor will come and attend to me.
“The doctor was speaking to me from a distance, he doesn’t want to come close, saying their enemy has corona virus, I didn’t say a word.
“After everything the man later did some test on me and he said I should go, i asked when am I getting my result, he said they are going to put a call across to me. Then i said no problem.
"I went to my house, on Tuesday, I was upstairs when they came to call me that some medical personnel were looking for me, my mother pleaded with me to meet with them, and they told me that my result tested positive, I asked which result, they said coronavirus result.
“Then i requested to see the result, they said I shouldn’t worry that I will see the result, that they will go and come back with their ambulance and take me to Hospital, I refused initially but they said if i don’t go with them then i will have to contend with the government, so I followed them to Central Hospital, up till now I have not seen any result, but yesterday they published my name all over the world that I, Omamuzo Ijala has coronavirus.
"So, I want Okowa himself to come to my aid to see that I don’t have coronavirus, I want to be out of this place, am tired of staying in this Isolation center. I am not sick of coronavirus.
"This is the word from Omamuzo Ijala, whosoever that has written that news about me, I wish that person and his entire family corona virus, they will die one after the other.
“I am not having hot breath, I am not having running stomach, the only thing I have is cough and the drugs that I have taken have subsided the cough, which is normal”, she said.

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