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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Ogun PDP Crisis: You're Enslaved Crowd Of Worshippers, Arabambi Tells Adebutu's Loyalists

Comrade Abayomi Arabambi
Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji
ABEOKUTA - The Chairman of Labour Party in Ogun state,  Comrade Arabambi Abayomi has described followers of Hon. Ladi Adebutu as enslaved crowd of people who worship the former lawmaker for his money. 

Arabambi stated this following a purported recording released by a factional Peoples Democratic Party woman leader in the state, Bose Olunla, describing it as a sponsored document to malign his personality.  

The Labour chairman alleged that the recorded audio was sponsored by Ladi Adebutu, the former member of House of Representatives and the son of business mogul, Kessington Adebutu.

Comrade Abayomi lamented that the purported recording has assassinated his character and put him into disrepute and highly impugned. 

He however, accused that Adebutu sponsored the recording against his personality because of his involvement in the PDP congresses in the state.  

He said, "Bose Olunla, you are currently the Women Leader of PDP, Ladi Adebutu's faction in Abeokuta South.

"Of course you know that , the law does not recognize you as such . In the course of your silly impersonation , you recorded an audio - body of statements that you caused to be circulated in the public that grossly and conclusively assassinated my Character , put me into disrepute and highly impugned and defamed my reputation .

"Though you tried to  give the impression that it was Ladi Adebutu who put you up to the hatchet job against me for my involvement in the PDP congresses, I put it to you that you are the individual whose voice was on the recorded audio release.

"Ordinarily, I could ignore you but you did go on to involve other men of equally great reputation to include in your negative, unforgivable and unforgettable defamatory recordings.

"Normally, it has never been in my Character to dignify a marionette like you with any kind of response when such are puppeteer into saying things that insult and destruct my hard earned reputation."

Arabambi however described Ladi Adebutu as a man who lack civility and always lying about anything to press his demands.  

The LP chairman also described Adebutu's loyalist as enslaved crowd of worshippers that we not worth noticing.  

According to him, the motivation for me in reluctantly making this public response is the very need to put records straight so that my admirers, followers, party members, friends and family will be assured that all your tales of lies are not only untrue but was sponsored by your principal to earn more public ridicule.

"However, I will here strongly say that all you said in your tape are the undeniably the testimonial for the suspended Engr Bayo Dayo who did use the name of LP to perpetrate a lot of political ugliness before and who has now ended up as one of you in your S'OROYE camp of the spoilt adolescent pretending manhood, the rude and extremely very incapable Group.

"Of course, your principal Ladi Adebutu is a man who is seriously lacking in civility and given to reckless and senseless lying to press his demand at most times , untenable narratives.

"Yes, it is taken that the current crowd of sudden and untutored political embarrassments in the group led by the loose polished political miscreant, at almost 60 years still functioning as an adolescent in the orbit of a father who unceasingly make him a spoilt father's baby pet , who is not a real grown man , all of you his bought and enslaved crowd of worshippers are not worth noticing."

Speaking on what he want, Arambambi demanded for public apology from the factional woman leader on four national dailies.  

He also asked the author of the propaganda to retract all that was said about him and must post the retraction in all social platform the first one was circulated.  

He added, "a Public statement of apology. You must post your retraction and your apology in audio recording to the same loop through which you sent the defamatory one .

"All the requested 4 steps demanded should be complied with within the next 72hrs from this very moment. I hope that you do remember that you and I had a conversation on this on WhatsApp .

"Finally, your apology should be published in three National dailies . So you have been warned.

"You mentioned and defamed extensively two gentlemen Hon Kayode Amusan and Prince Gboyega Nasiru Isiaka (GNI) of very much more command of very high reputation and thereby assassinating their individual characters so badly that you caused them grievous damages  through your lies.

"Note, one striking reason that was considered to persuade me to give you the opportunity of retraction and apology is the widely circulating unconfirmed news that the very person Hon Ladi Adebutu who led you into this ugly legal implication is undergoing COVID - 19 test at LUTH.

"We of course sympathize with him but If finally this is true , we wish him a quick recovery."


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