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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Orelope Absolves Sapon 'Oju-Ogbara' Boys From Stoning Incident On Governor Abiodun

Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji
ABEOKUTA - A leader of Oju-Ogbara base in Sapon, Abeokuta, Ogun state, Segun Adekanmbi otherwise known as 'Orelope Student' has absolved boys from the area from the purported stoning incident on Governor Abiodun on Friday. 

It would be recalled that, Governor Abiodun had on Friday embarked on house-to-house distribution of foodstuff in Abeokuta south.

THE ENCOUNTER NEWS gathered that, when the governor was going to Ake, some boys pelted a coaster bus belonging to the governor's convoy with stones. 

But various reports on social media stating that, the incident took place at the popular notorious 'Oju-Ogbara' in Sapon, Abeokuta. 

Orelope however, denied the social media reports, saying the incident did not took place at Sapon, adding that it was on the governor's way to Ake/Ijemo area that a bus believed to be on the governor's convoy was attacked.

He said, "We might be street boys, but we know what is right. The governor is our father and we cannot attack our benefactor.

"When the governor came to Sapon that day, we received him amidst jubilation and he gave us money that day to enjoy ourselves for our comportment. So how can we attack someone who just gave us money?", Orelope queried. 

He continued, "the news report that the governor was attacked at Oju-Ogbara was untrue. The governor was never attacked at Oju-Ogbara.

"We are not aware of the incident, because immediately the governor gave us the money, we went away to eat and relax somewhere, so we didn't heard about the incident on time, if not, we would have jumped at the defense of our governor that day. 

"So, we want to appeal to our father and Governor to investigate the matter thoroughly and fish out the culprits, so that the innocent don't suffer. "

Also speaking, the local government supervisor for Works and Housing, Water Resources in Abeokuta North local government, Hon. Dipo Ogunyemi refuted the claim of attack on the governor's convoy.

Hon. Ogunyemi popularly known as Champion said, the governor had left the area before a guy known as Lateef threw a stone at one of the coaster buses parked by the roadside.

He said, "my brother, there's nothing like stones pelting at the governor's convoy. Nothing of such happened. The governor came to Sapon and he was received with open hands. He even gave those boys money that day.

"The only thing that happened was that, an imbecile guy named Lateef who felt cheated by the distribution of the relief package, got angry and threw a small stone to one of the servers. Not the governor's convoy or vehicle."

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