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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

At 75, Bayo Dayo Remain Greatest Betrayer Of All Times - Kashamu

Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji 
ABEOKUTA - The former Ogun State Chairman of the People Democratic Party (PDP), Engr. Bayo Dayo has once again come under attack over his purported reconciliation move at the twilight of his tenure.

Setting the record straight, Sen. Buruji Kashamu in a press release made available to newsmen said that the former chairman sold out because of pecuniary gains.

According to the release, Sen. Kashamu further stated that Engr. Bayo Dayo decided to betray those he had led for eight years and purportedly sold 65% of the party structure to Hon. Ladi Adebutu for N100 million through a shady reconciliation arrangement.

Kashamu maintained that “he kept the remaining 35% for himself. It is this selfish and lopsided sharing ratio that they want to use to set up an imaginary caretaker committee. This is the same group that signed a three-year agreement with the Allied Peoples Movement (APM) on the 7th of March, 2019. The agreement is still valid till 2022 as it has not renounced till date”

“He decided to mortgage the political career of thousands of party members for a mess of pottage. How can an individual trade off a structure that has taken people huge resources and many years to build because he is a Party Chairman? Can Sikirulai Ogundele, who is on the other side, enter into any agreement or negotiation with anyone without carrying along Hon. Ladi Adebutu and other stakeholders?”

“In his bid to take with him as many unsuspecting leaders and members of the Party, Dayo told them that he was given N100 million. One of those he confided in and tried to convince to join him in the venture is Samuel Olayinka Soneye”

He further reteraites that Soneye in his statement to the Police and sworn affidavit in court said that the former party chairman told him that Ladi Adebutu offered him N100 million to trade off the PDP structure in Ogun State.

“Dayo informed the former Chairman of the Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC), Comrade Abayomi Arabambi that Adebutu offered him the sum of N100 million with an upfront payment of N20 million”

“He also told Mr. Adeleke Shittu, who is his cousin, at various times that he was offered N100 million to do the bidding of the Adebutus under the pretext of uniting the party”

“A serving member of the Ogun State House of Assembly, Hon. Sylvester ‘Niyi Abiodun, who is also related to him, confirmed that Dayo told that he was offered N100 million”

“All these witnesses have voluntarily made statements to the Police and deposed to affidavits affirming the above-stated facts”.

“To confirm Dayo’s perfidious inclination, the Adebutus now pay his bills, just as they have bought him vehicles and illegally given him three police escorts. This was after the Ogun State Police Command refused Dayo’s application for police escorts”

“Dayo keeps lying through his teeth that he was for the unity and reconciliation of the Ogun State PDP whereas he has sold out to the other group. The things he says are contrary to what he does behind the scene”

“At 75, one would have expected that he will commit himself to more ennobling deeds instead of trading off a structure that he merely represented as Party Chairman. He has proven that the leopard never changes its spots. He is the greatest betrayer of all time” Kashamu maintained.

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