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Thursday, May 28, 2020

COVID-19: Pandemic Is Alien, We Have Appeased The Gods For Return To Its Origin - Chief Priest

ONITSHA - The Chief Priest of Oruru Eke Ekwulobia deity, Aguata Local Government Area, Anambra state, Chinedu Ezemete, revealed yesterday in Onitsha, that the gods have been appeased to send back the coronavirus pandemic now killing scores globally to Huwei, China, its original place of abode.

According to him, “now that the gods have been appeased, apart from the Anambra state index case that was later found out to test negative and may be one other one said to have been quarantined, no other such disease will be found in the state”.

“As for Ekwulobia, my country home, it is already zero tolerance and watch from now, there will be drastic decrease of the disease in Nigeria, it is no magic, it is spiritual.”

“It is not our disease, it is alien and has to be back to sender
because the deity, Oruru Eke Ekwulobia and other gods will not allow it to stay with us let alone infecting us.”

“If we had not fought it traditionally, inviting the gods to fight for us, we would not have withstood its dreaded strength. That was the reason we appease the gods for as humans it is beyond
our strenght.

On cause of the disease he stated that, “We as humans have committed lots of abominations against God and man, countless atrocities and forsake God because of bloody money and wealth we think we have acquired thereby forsaking God”.

“God used the coronavirus to teach us that He remains the creator of the universe and the things that are in it, including human beings even if the disease is from devil and endorsed by God.”

“If God had wanted he would have stopped it from spreading globally because nothing is above Him”.

On the history of the diety he said, it is the natural diety that protects and unites the people of Ekwulobia against external forces and when we want to celebrate it annually, it must be on Eke market day”.

“That day it is eating and drinking galore, people come from far and wide and those it helped will come with gifts to thank the diety”.

“Cows are slaughtered, and people make merry, and exchange pleasantries, pray for long life and prosperity.

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