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Saturday, May 2, 2020

MAY DAY: What Next For Nigerian Workers?

Olufemi Orunsola 
As May 1st Crawls in While the Current Lock Down on Lagos, Ogun and FCT, Abuja is Set for a Suspension Effective from May 4, 2020, The Natural Intelligent Question That Auto Pops Up on My Mind is This: "What Does Government Have in Stock for The Ever Resilient, Rugged Nigerian Workers? Not Only in Terms of Payment of April Salaries to Both Federal & State Workers, But in Respect of COVID-19 Compliant Work Ergonomics. Ergonomics being the study of the sum total of working conditions and conducive ambience for workers.

This include but is not limited to:

*Payment of Workers' Salaries at At When Due

*Payment of Hazard Allowances (with increment where possible), to Relevant Workers Across Relevant Work Sectors 

*Sanitization of Work Places As Much As Applicable

*Provision of Basic Amenities for Work Place Hygiene Such as Running Water and Soap

*Provision of Recommended Hand Sanitizers

*Realignment of Work Places to Suit Standard Social Distance Protocol Best Practices

*Reduction in Physical Office Work Hours Schedule of Workers

*Provision of Tech Tools to Workers to Encourage Work from Home As Much As Possible. 

I Am Just Thinking Out Aloud Here o in Utter Exercise of My Fundamental Human Right of Freedom of Expression.

I Have Not Said Anything Yet o.

I Just Know for Sure That Failure to Attend to These Globally Accepted Prerequisites of Labour Friendly Governance is Neither Tenable Nor Acceptable for Workers in Africa's Most Populous Country, The Purported Giant of Africa.

Nigerian workers on our own path should brace up to the stark harsh realities of work in today's trouble global economy where the future of work is digital! 

The bitter truth be told without necessarily wearing the garment of a doomsday prophet, Nigerian workers may not be in for the best of times where things run their courses in the usual ways and manners.

We must adopt and adapt global best practices in place of the prevalent  warped pseudo bureaucratic leanings and idiosyncracies that have reduced the performance management index of Nigerian workers over the years, glorifying mediocrity and  inefficiency under the guise of bureaucracy. 

Now, more than ever before, is the time for Nigerian workers to take full responsibility for their own destiny and by extension stand up tall to the political leadership to prioritize the welfare of workers and the senior civil citizens – the pensioners.

 Nigerian workers must square up to the challenges of dwindling economic fortune of the whole world and therefore swiftly emerge as a viable solution force to the unfolding  "COVIDized" economy being the country's fair share of the global economic down turn arising from the novel corona virus pandemic.

In all, Nigerian government at all levels must be responsible, human and proactive about the lot and affairs of Nigerian workers across sectors, including that of  pensioners but Nigerian workers must take full responsibility for becoming a formidable, problem solving man power force instead of the clich√©d, business as usual, "civil servant" mentality and nomenclature for which Nigerian workers have been generally known over the years!

God Bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria! 
God Bless Nigerian Workers!!
Happy Workers' Day Great People!!!      

Olufemi Orunsola (SWGN) a Social Crusader, Public Affairs Commentator and Media Consultant Writes from Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

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