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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Reopening Of Schools Now Too Early, Dangerous – Shehu Sani

Shehu Sani
Shehu Sani

KADUNA - Senator Shehu Sani has ad­vised that the clamour for schools to resume was too early and dangerous.

The Senator noted that no parent would be at peace to let their children out at this critical time.

According to him, “We can make out for loss of time but not of life.”

Shehu Sani made the as­sertion in a tweet on handle on 25 May.

The Senator’s fear was not unconnected with the increasing cases of people infected by Covid-19.

Many parents disclosed to Daily Independent that with the warning against large gathering, when chil­dren gather in schools, it would speed up the spread of the lethal virus.

Some parents told Daily Independent that the plan to resume schools amidst the virus spread showed that people do not under­standing the pandemic.

They lamented that the government has not been able to control the spread but also wants to reopen schools. “Are they planning to expose our children to danger”, one of the parents asked.

Mr Frances Adamu ad­vised that all schools should remain closed until the spread has been curtailed.

According to him, “We should not be in a hurry to reopen schools as it will jeopardize all the efforts made all this while.

“Moreover, we have stayed home for almost two months to reduce the spread of this vi­rus, why rush now to put our children in danger or have the virus spread to all homes.

“Both primary, second­ary schools and tertiary institutions are vulnerable to COVID-19 especially the tertiary institutions where a student will travel from Bor­no to Lagos to resume and the disease is spread or from La­gos to Kaduna and the disease keeps spreading.”

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