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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Arabambi To Bode Simeon: You Lack Knowledge Of Labour Party's Constitution On Impeachment Process

Comrade Abayomi Arabambi 

Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji 
ABEOKUTA - The Ogun State Chairman of Labour Party, Comrade Abayomi Arabambi has rubbished former acting National Vice Chairman South West of the party, Mr. Bode Simeon's claim of being suspended from the party.

Bode Simeon had on Tuesday declared Arabambi non persona grata from the party, claiming that Arabambi had been removed as the party chairman in the state by ward and local government exco. 

But Arabambi in a swift reaction on Wednesday faulted Mr. Simeon's statement, describing him as someone morally incompetent to speak on behalf the party. 

Arabambi insisted that he remained the party chairman in the state and only the NEC organ of the party can remove him as the party chairman in the state. 

He said Simeon and his co-travellers lacked the constitutional provisions of the party for claiming to have removed him as party chairman in the state by few ward leaders. 

The LP chairman also claimed that, Bode Simeon had been removed as the party's acting National Vice Chairman of South West for allegedly imposing some PDP members on the party in some South West states. 

Arabambi urged Simeon to stop parading himself as National Vice Chairman of the party in the south west as that will amount to impersonation. 

He said, "Bode Simeon, most in the press and the public will recollect was officially and publicly disgraced and suspended from the Labour Party some months back .

"This is one man who is morally and officially incompetent to as a person speak for LP on any scale. Though , Bode Simeon may lack the intelligence to know the implication of impersonation. The public do.

"Now to the comments he made in an online published video in regards to me in my capacity as the State Chairman of LP in Ogun State. To confirm his lack of knowledge on the constitutional provisions of the LP he ignorantly went ahead to claim that a State Chairman of LP was actually and truly removed by a couple of ward officers. 

"This is coming from a man who claimed to be the South West Chairman of the same party. However for some of us who had for sometime tolerated and managed the low intelligence , drunkenness and high level disloyalty of the ex LP  member , Bode Simeon, it is easy to see the motivation for this criminal impersonation by the totally crude and purchasable political Merchant called Bode Simeon.

"Just to point out a part of his video shame, he claimed that Buruji Kashamu is troubling LP Ogun State and he was in his ignorance and gullibility warning Buruji Kashamu off Labour Party. The question is what proof does the drunkard have to support this his very unintelligent claim?

"Ogun LP is not in anyway having any issue, how on earth does the ranting, paid and bought political mercenary, the ever - purchasable Bode Simeon come to be talking of warning someone off such a peaceful and highly cohesive party?

"The public and the press should find it easy to recollect all the acts of disloyalty and the very many dishonest involvements of Bode Simeon in his very short stay as the the Acting SW Chairman of LP that included his failed attempts to impose some PDP members on the party in some SW states that earned monumental disgrace.

"This silly and stupid video misadventure has unambiguously confirmed that he is once more playing the game he knows how best to play , his natural shameful tendency to serve any payer in any role.

"This is a clear indication that someone somewhere is paying for this risk he took by his criminal impersonation. By apologising Niyi Osoba, Ladi Adebutu and Elder Akinhanmi who are in a dispute with Senator Buruji Kashamu comes from where, when even his ex party LP is not in any way in any dispute with the trio? A drunkard is always incoherent and illogical.

"It is now very clear, who sponsored this criminal risk taken by the intelligence - challenged Bode, it is the Lado arm of Ogun PDP.  Again, where did the piece about begging former respected Ogun State Governors, Chief Olusegun Osoba and OGD to prevail on me to stop doing whatever he felt I was doing. Doing a paid job is easily something Bode Simeon often takes in his strides without qualms. 

"It is sad for someone some people see as a father, Uncle, brother and friend to subject himself to the ridicule of Ladi Adebutu who is not only  grossly incompetent in all ramifications but a perpetually dead of ideas that has any benefit to Ogun State."

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