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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Hon. Lateefat Bolanle Ajayi Reels Out One Year Achievements In Office

Hon. Lateefat Bolanle Ajayi

EXACTLY one year ago today, the 9thAssembly of Ogun State House of legislation was inaugurated. Hon. Lateefat Bolanle Ajayi was sworn in as member of the Ogun State House of Assembly representing Yewa South State Constituency which saw her taking over the banton on 10th June 2019.

That inauguration marks a further consolidation of our democracy and opens a new chapter in the practice of government by representation in our dear state.

Hon. Lateefat Bolanle Ajayi congratulating all other  honourable members "not only for the time we have spent here, but also for all that we have achieved together and all that we have planned to achieve for our peoples and our constituencies" 

"I will also like to thank every members of my constituency for the abiding support I have enjoyed over the past one year. I want to assure all across the length and breadth of my constituency that I am fully committed to continue representing your various and collective interests and aspirations."

Hon. Lateefat Bolanle Ajayi reinstated that "Every generation of legislators will face its peculiar challenges. The task we set for ourselves and our understanding of our roles as Honourable members must therefore, reflect a robust understanding of the challenges that we face as a law making body at this time in our history."

Hon. Lateefat Bolanle Ajayi however shed more light on her three cardinal objectives of improving governance, improving business and Improving livelihood in her constituency. 

She believe that legislative activities that sustainably improve on these three key indicators will improve the economy and ultimately guarantee a better life for her people.

"I have continued to lay emphasis and focus my attention on matters that directly touch our people. For me it is my first priority, to use lawmaking as a tool to play my part in the struggle to ensure that the welfare and security of our people remains paramount in the discharge of governance in this state. 

"I am determined to continue to pursue engagement and consultation as a major legislative policy where my people take ownership and my legislative authority is further enhanced by the enriching through the knowledge and participation of my people in the entire process. I am looking forward to engaging the health sector, education and security in organised sections to seek their input to our legislative proposals".

"Since our inauguration, I have been inundated with complains from our people on the rising levels of violence against women and sexual harassment and rape."

She maintained that, the 9th Assembly is coming up with proposals that will not only help to eliminate these depravities but also ensure that perpetrators will no longer have any where to hide. I am determined to ensure that our women, our children and the vulnerable in my constituency irrespective of their age, status and ethnic background live in a safe and fulfilling environment where their rights are respected and their security is assured.

"Let me assure you once again that as representative of the people, I will not relent in my efforts to continue to give voice and vent to those issues that mostly concern my constituency. The people of Yewa South State Constituency must see my good office as the place to run to when they feel treated unjustly.

"Even as I continue to focus on those big things that we have not achieved, we must also have the courage to celebrate the things that we have achieved. I have been able to facilitate, support and also use my good office to provide my quota in the following: Bill Sponsorship & other Legislative Duties, Socioeconomic Development, COVID-19 Intervention, Employment, Security, Health & Wellbeing, Campaign for Rehabilitation/Construction of Roads, and Education."

Permit me to once again thank you for the unalloyed support I have and continue to receive from you in the last one year. This has been unprecedented and I don’t take it lightly. This unique support has been steady, bipartisan, and unconditional. Your support has been the bulwark bone on which my belief in the emergence of a greater State and my constituency at large.

Once again for all that we have achieved in the last one year. I am confident that when the history of this era is written, I would be amply remembered as the generation that played its part and did its best to make Yewa State Constituency a better place.

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