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Friday, June 26, 2020

Seven COVID-19 Patients Remain In Our Isolation Centres, Ogun Govt Declares

Ogun Health Commissioner, Dr. Tomi Coker

Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji 
ABEOKUTA - Ogun state government has disclosed that, only seven in-patients remain in its isolation centres across the state.

The state commissioner for health, Dr. Tomi Coker who disclosed this on Thursday at the Deputy Governor's Office in Abeokuta said the seven in-patients are those that require oxygen or required ventilation. 

Dr. Coker explained that, those asymptomatic patients without the use of oxygen or ventilation are being treated at home.

The commissioner noted that, in line with NCDC directives, the state government has resorted to home management for patients with mild diseases and asymptomatic diseases. 

She said there are about 300 cases in the community that are being managed by the health workers, while another 400 cases have been discharged by the state government.

"I think it is the commitment of front line health workers of Ogun State to improve the infection prevention and control given that they protect themselves, they have mentioned challenges with PPE, but it is evident from the level of infection that obviously we are providing them adequate ptobabaly not perfect, but adequate protection to ensure that they are not infected by the patient they are caring for.

"With this such of donation, we will be more powered to protect them further and hopefully we will see much lower infection rate and I am hoping even 0% infection rate in our health workers.

"Our health workers, the front line workers had been trained to actually attend to patient with non- COVID complications and non-COVID medical conditions. I spoke to a group of them this morning, just sensitizing them and encouraging them that with adequate protection, a mask for themselves and a mask for the patient that will be adequately that is enough protection for them so they don't have to ignore or neglect any patient that attends the hospital for any form of care or the other.

"We are not short of bed spaces because as you know, 97% of our cases are asymptomatic and mild diseases and the NCDC directives now is home management for people with mild disease and asymptomatic disease. So you have about 300 people in the community that are being managed as home care in a community and we are following them up and we discharged so far about 400 cases. 

"So, in the isolation center right now we have only seven patients as in-patients, these are patients requiring oxygen or requiring ventilation. If you don't require oxygen or you are asymptomatic, you could be managed at home and we used that opportunity to actually educate their family members on how to protect themselves and not getting infected."

The health commissioner maintained that, the rise in numbers was due to increased sampling of people, noting that until the state reach its peak, there will be continue rise in number of covid-19 patients.

"We have enough capacity bed spaces. The expectation is the cases will rise because we do know that we have community spread and we have testing. When you look for something you will get positive result. 

"So, the rise in numbers is due to increased sampling of people and as I said from the SIR model that we did, we expect that people either being September to February we don't know, so we will still continue to have a rise in number until we reach our peak."

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