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Friday, July 17, 2020

Akwa Ibom First Lady Joins Save Her Foundation, Wages War Against Rape

Her Excellency, Mrs. Martha Udom Emmanuel 

Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji

ABEOKUTA - Following the incessant cases of rape trending around the nation, the first lady of Akwa Ibom, Martha Udom Emmanuel has joined other well-meaning Nigerians to campaign against rape.

According to the Lead Facilitator of the non governmental organization, Rev Mrs Fola  Achudume, the first lady of Akwa Ibom State, Her Excellency, Martha Udom Emmanuel will be joined by Professor  Olubunmi Ashinmolowo of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta and Reverend Victor  Adeyemi of Global  Havest International Church as well  as other stakeholders to talk about the causes of rape and ways to put an end to the ugly trend.

Achudume who spoke with newsmen in Abeokuta, identified Emotional instability in males, parental neglect and the lack of fear of God as the reasons for increased rape cases in the society.

Speaking on the topic, "Vulnerability of Females in the Society, are the virtues of mothers still with us?", Rev. Achudume said most men commit rape because the society places the female  at a disadvantage culturally pointing out that men are also made to bottle up their emotions and  are treated as tin gods by some  parents.

She noted that the home front is currently being neglected because women  these days lend hand in providing for the home unlike in the past, the Save Her Foundation  Lead Facilitator said the urge for economic advancement has negatively impacted the attention that mothers should  ordinarily give to their children.

According to her, children who have not been properly raised are more likely to engage in rape.

On stigmatization, Rev Mrs Achudume called for sensitization programmes to get rape victims to speak up about their experiences so their their assailants will be put behind bars.

She also advised parents especially mothers to devote time  to the upbringing  of their children just as she harped on the  need  for  concerted efforts by stakeholders to end rape in the society.

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