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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Attack Against My Family Name An Attempt To Smear My Reputation - Arabambi

Abayomi Arabambi

Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji 
ABEOKUTA - The Ogun state chairman of Labour Party, Comrade Abayomi Arabambi has described a facebook attack on his family name as attempt to smear his reputation. 

A facebook user, Ajasa Joshua Afolabi had on Monday took to his facebook page disparaging Comrade Arabambi as someone using fake name. 

Ajasa claimed that Arabambi's family name is Abayomi-Onigbinde as no Egba man bears Arabambi. 

But Arabambi in a swift reaction described Ajasa's claim as vague and insane. 

The LP chairman noted that, his father's full name is Joseph Atanda Abayomi-Onigbinde, emphasizing that Abayomi-Onigbinde remains his family compound name, but decided to remove Onigbinde to shorten it. 

He said, "In every worthwhile assessment of all the rubbish that this Ajasa Joshua Afolabi posted on the Facebook in which he claimed among other insane assertions that I am not who I am.

"For Ajasa, who has conclusively lost touch with reason, he has assumed the role of re- naming me. He ran a ranting he assumed to be his own version of the truth.
The said Ajasa Joshua Afolabi facebook profile picture

"This unknown and unidentifiable Ajasa claimed that someone who was a member of the State House of Assembly was a PA to a member of the House of Representatives.

He wondered if any other family bears Arabambi in Egbaland all in a crazy attempt at smearing my reputation. It is clear that, this is one undoubtful candidate for the psychiatric hospital.

"For the records, it may interest the crazy story teller, Ajasa to note that my father's full name remains Joseph Atanda Abayomi - Onigbinde and if it is within your mental capacity, you will note that Abayomi-Onigbinde is a compound name. Again, my own International passport bears the names Abayomi Arabambi Oluwafemi Sunday.

"Ordinarily, a man as shallow, vague and cerebrally challenged as this daft and dumb Ajasa should have not attracted any kind of response from me, but at least for the sake of the reading public to disabuse the minds of easily influenced members of the public from attaching some misguided importance to the incoherent story of the totally insane Ajasa Joshua Afolabi.

"I remain myself, Comrade Abayomi Arabambi Oluwafemi Sunday. I have no record of inbox, outbox and political migration. I have never been one of the Nomadic politicians.

"Just for the records as further proof of the neat and clean politics my father played during his lifetime to earn him a State Burial as a worthy member of the State House of Assembly when Hon Muyiwa Ladapo was the Speaker under the Government of Pa Akinrogun Segun Osoba.

"As a politician of immense clout, my father, just to mention a few names guided the political careers of Late Chief Dayo Soremi, a former State Chairman of PDP, Apostle Biodun Sanyaolu, a former State Commissioner and the PDP Senatorial Candidate for Ogun Central and also the present undisputed State Chairman of Ogun State Chapter of APC, Chief Yemi Sanusi."

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