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Sunday, August 9, 2020

MURIC To Abiodun: We Are Not In Conflict With You, Your Government, But...

Governor Abiodun 

Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji 

ABEOKUTA - Ogun State Chapter of Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has said that, is not in conflict with the Ogun state governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun nor his government over its criticism on disenfranchisement of Muslims in the recent board appointments made by the state government.

It however, warned the governor not to allow political jobbers to destroy his name. 

MURIC had last week accused the state government of appointing mainly Christians in its board appointments.

But an Islamic organization named Community Muslim Professionals (CMP) last week condemned MURIC's position on the board appointments by Ogun state government, describing it as an attempt to cause religious friction in the state. 

In its reaction to CMP's claim, MURIC in a press statement signed by the Ogun State Chairman, Alhaji Jimoh Tajudeen Alao described as false, misleading and malicious statement made by Alhaji Saliu Adewusi. 

MURIC noted that, the media publication against it was politically crafted and sponsored by a non-existent Community Muslim Professionals. 

He described the said Alhaji Saliu Adewusi as a political propagandist sponsored to spew falsehood in its failed attempt at distorting facts of the issue in the disenfranchisement of Muslims in the recent board appointments made by the governor Dapo Abiodun led administration. 

MURIC said rather to proffer answers to the cogent queries raised by its revered leader in a press statement of August 6, 2020, the 'faceless' Alhaji Adewusi resorted to lies and incentives against the respected personality of Prof. Ishaq Akintola. 

It added that, having done cursory checks, found out that the name Alhaji Saliu Adewusi does not exist in Ogun state, neither does the association he claims to represent. 

"We also affirm that none of the existing Islamic organizations in Ogun State knows this fake Alhaji Saliu Adewusi. They also confirm that they have never heard of his imaginary organisation. 

"The natural questions are; Where is the headquarters of the  organization? Who is the leader? Where are the members and the professional bodies they claim to be representing? These and many more are questions that cry for answers. 

"For the avoidance of doubts to our claims, we challenge the leadership of the so called Community of Muslim Professionals to a public debate on this matter. 

"We make bold to say that the ill-conceived publication from this hypocritical organisation does not represent the wishes and interests of Ogun State Muslims, as they have only acted to type as  posited by Allah in the Quran ;

"They have made their oaths a screen for their hypocrisy, thus they hinder men from the path of Allah. Verily ,evil is what they used to do".(Surat Munafiqun, chapter of the hypocrites, Verses 2 - 6).

In another verse of the Qur'an, Allah says in Surah At-Tawbah – Verse 67

“The hypocrite men and the hypocrite women resemble one another. They enjoin evil and forbid good, and they keep their hands shut. They have forsaken Allah, so He has forsaken them, (too). The hypocrites are indeed the transgressors.”

"These and many more are the reasons why we are unperturbed by their Sponsored action but remain consistent on the path of ensuring that the rights of Muslims remain sacrosanct. 

"MURIC states clearly that it is not in conflict with the Ogun State Government nor the person of Governor  Dapo Abiodun but an avowed stakeholder and partner in good calling to justice, a critical ingredient of sincere leadership. 

"We only demand that Governor Dapo Abiodun stays true and consistent to the oath of office he took, where he vowed to govern with justice, equity and fairness. We implore him to redress the recent lopsided board  appointments by his government that reeks of christianisation of our beloved State.

"We urge the governor not to allow political jobbers who engage in forgery and identity abracadabra to destroy his good name. Even seven year olds could see the monumental fraud in the rejoinder issued in response to MURIC's statement. It merely beat about the  bush and failed to debunk the data supplied by MURIC. This exposes the brain behind the rejoinder as inexperienced, desperate and kindergarten politician. 

"We call on all the good Muslims of Ogun State to remain watchful, calm and law abiding as we continue to seek Allah's aid over those who seek to malign us at every turn just because we are Muslims and because we speak the truth."

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