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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Olopade Reveals E-Sports Opportunities

Bukola Olopade

LAGOS - CEO Nilayo Sports Management, Bukola Olapade, has revealed the viable contribution of E-Sports to the sporting sector business as it can enormously create empowerment for youths and increase the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). 

Olopade stated that with the sports minister lead through his vigorous campaigning for the development of the sports in Nigeria coupled with the Federal Ministry of Sports strategic development of a template is not just to gain traction but to use it as a very viable tool of empowerment to reach so many young people in Nigeria.  

He posited: “The potentials are enormous and this is why at Nilayo Sports management, we have decided to also blaze the trail and partner with the some of the known esports activists in this country who have been working for many years to ensure that e-sports gets the recognition it deserves and for the empowerment that it has given to many young people quietly.

"So now, we want to bring it out and get more young Nigerians involved. I read an article where the vice president said that sports have the potential of having a 3% contribution to the GDP of Nigeria, I was shocked to know that out of the 46 sectors mentioned, sports was overlooked and it is through this initiative of esports, business in the sport that you can get that GDP to recognize sports as a sector that contributes enormously to the economic development of this country."

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