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Monday, August 17, 2020

Police Parade Two Spare Parts Dealers Using Energy Drink To Snatch Motorcycles

Ogun state commissioner of police, CP Ajogun with other top police officers parading the suspects 

Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji 

ABEOKUTA - Ogun State Police Command said it has nabbed two-man robbery gang that specialises in snatching motorcycles from owners in Owode-Egba.

The Commissioner of Police, CP Edward Ajogun who paraded the suspects before newsmen on Monday said the duo of Chidi Umeh and Obinna Onyebuchi were arrested following a tip-off that, they have robbed another rider of his motorcycle. 

The Police boss explained that, the suspects who are spare parts dealers from Nnewi, Anambra state, would stop a motorcycle, and asked the rider to take them to short distance destination with an offer of irresistible high fare. 

He added that, on their way, they would caused the motorcyclist to drive to a bar where they would pretend to be waiting for a business associate. 

CP Ajogun further stressed that, in the process, they would buy a drink for themselves, and shortly while drinking they would stand up and go to an obscure corner and come back later with a drugged energy 'sokki drink' and offer it to the victim. 

He maintained that, the victim would immediately fall into sleep after drinking the energy drink and before the victim wakes up, they would have make away with the motorcycle. 

The CP said the two suspects' victims usually slept for two weeks before regaining their consciousness. 

Similarly, the Ogun state police command also paraded one self-acclaimed pastor, Adetunji Isaac for unlawfully masturbating one Seyi Azeez. 

The victim, Seyi Azeez had on August 2 while on his way to buy soap, was accosted by Adetunji who happened to be living in the same  neighborhood.

The suspect seized the rare moment to tell Seyi that he saw a vision that someone had concluded plans to poison him. 

The 'Pastor' also instructed Seyi to come with eggs and some items for spiritual cleansing and when the victim complied and brought the ingredients to the pastor's home.

He boiled the items along with the egg and gave the concoction to Seyi to eat. The young man ate and fell asleep afterwards.

While  he slept deeply, the pastor allegedly masturbated him overnight, making bumper harvest of Seyi's semen unchallenged.

The Commissioner of Police, Edward Ajogun, who paraded the 'Pastor' before reporters, said few days after he collected the Seyi's semen, the victim began to experience challenges with his manhood.

The victim was also taken to hospital in Onipanu, Sango Ota area of the state  for medical examination where it was also established that he has developed issue with erection.

"Seyi Azeez said Isaac Adetunji who happened to be his neighbor told him that he saw a vision that somebody wanted to poison him and he should come with eggs and some other items for spiritual cleansing.

"On getting to his house with the items, the Suspect cooked the egg, mixed it with some other things which he didn't know and gave him to eat. After eating it, victim slept off and the Suspect used the opportunity to masturbate him and collected his sperm.

"Since then, his manhood has not been functioning. He was taken to hospital and medical report reveals that his manhood is not functioning again," Ajogun said.

It was reliably gathered after the strange encounter with the 'Pastor,' Seyi was earlier placed in the care of a beautiful young lady, to enable her work on him but after a night of fondling with his manhood, the lady came back with the verdict of "no erection," prompting the distraught Seyi to report Isaac Adetunji to the Police.

The 'Pastor' told pressmen that he did prepare a concoction with eggs which he gave to Seyi to eat as parts of rites for night prayer conducted for him.

Isaac Adetunji noted that later in the night, he masturbated Seyi and collected his semen for mere fun, stressing that he was shocked when he returned afterwards to complain of losing erection.

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