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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Residents Call Out Security Operatives For ‘Protecting’ Internet Fraudsters

WARRI - Residents of Effurun in Uvwie council area of Delta state have frowned on security operatives for guarding suspected internet fraudsters, otherwise called ‘Yahoo Boys’ in the area.

The residents were particularly angered over the reckless driving by the youngsters, alongside a police van conveying six security operatives on the popular Jakpa Road, Friday evening.

According to reports, the incident left people of the area in panic.

They wondered why armed personnel would provide “protection” for notorious peddlers of cyber crime.

Witnesses claimed that the youths, who seemed to be in their 20s sped through the road dangerously in front of the police armed escort, who ensured that they were not challenged by aggrieved residents.

They added that the suspected fraudsters, numbering about 10, stormed the area in several cars, including a Lexus IS and Toyota Camry.

A witness said, “the most annoying thing is that a police van, a Toyota Hilux, with armed policemen were providing security for them”.

“Where in this world do you see lawbreakers and law enforcement agents working together in the open as we saw yesterday?” one aggrieved resident of the area wondered.

The source further disclosed that they rode into a suburb of the area where they apparently went to make inquiries for a landed property.

“But we did not find it funny. These hoodlums, fraudsters and money ritualists are taking over this neighbourhood and our children and lives are being endangered.

“Sadly, the police that are supposed to protect law-abiding citizens are escorting them all over the place and that is the tragedy,” the source lamented.

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