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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Senate Denies Plan To Pass Social Media Bill In Secret

ABUJA - The Senate has described as “false and lie,” an online report that it planned to go ahead with the consideration of the Social Media Bill despite rejection of the proposed law by Nigerians.

In a press statement issued on yesterday, titled ‘On That False Story on Social Media Bill by SaharaReporters’  by the Senate spokesman, Senator Dr. Ajibola Basiru, a copy of which was made available to journalists on Sunday, the Red Chamber said the online report was concocted to tarnish its image.

“This report is yet another example of irresponsibility taken too far as there has not been any recommendation for passage of the bill by the Senate.

“By deliberately publishing falsehood, SaharaReporters is not only doing no good to the nation, but it is also shooting itself down as its recklessness and incredulity would always speak against it,” he said.

The statement added that the Senate wished that Nigerians would be circumspect, shunning gullibility which makes them “to lap up those invidious write-ups and begin to comment on non-existent issues.”

It noted that if some people have chosen the path of perfidy and “wanting to bring the nation and its sacred institutions down,” Nigerians must be wary and unwilling to be led by them in believing the false fabrication.

The Senate spokesman pointed out that it’s a common knowledge by all that the Senate conducts its sittings in the open and matters for consideration are well laid out and therefore, would not require anyone’s investigation to ‘dig’ out what the Senate would do.

“The relevant committee of the Senate has not submitted its report for the Bill to be passed at all or surreptitiously as claimed by SaharaReporters.

“We will not allow unscrupulous writers to denigrate the Senate and ridicule the great work that is on-going.

“SaharaReporters must be afraid to see the platform where they peddle their trade of falsehood tampered with, even at that, there should be no need to lie so brazenly,” Senator Basiru said.

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