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Friday, August 14, 2020

We Did Not Endorse Reviewed NBC Code – Board

ABUJA - The Board of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC)has said that the pur- ported review of the 6th edi- tion of the NBC Code was not endorsed by it, and therefore, cannot be used in regulating broadcasting in Nigeria.

Addressing newsmen yeported amendment to the 6th edition of the NBC Code, the chairman of the board, Ikra Bilbis, said that the com- mission was set up by law and there is an Act that guides its operations.

Biblis said that the minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, cannot
usurp the powers of the board as clearly stated in the Act.

He said that any such action by the minister is illegal, add- ing that the “board of the NBC wishes to make it quite clear that as long as it is in place, the only NB Code that will be recognised in the setting of operating policies and stan- dards for the NBC, is the 6th edition of the NB Code which was launched in 2019 in Kano.”

The chairman said that any "other purported review has no board endorsement and there- fore cannot be utilised in regu- lating broadcasting in Nigeria. From the history, traditions and convention of the NBC, no minister of Information has ever interfered in any NB Code review.

‘’After the 2019 presentation of the 6th code (which is the present one) the minister has acted alone with just a hand- ful of his loyalists who have written a new NB Code that has created an uproar in the industry, threatening to de- stroy investments and lead to job losses.

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