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Monday, October 26, 2020

NLC Demands Immediate Release Of All COVID-19 Palliatives

NLC President, Ayubba Wabba

ABUJA - The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has asked the federal and state governments to immediately release all COVID-19 palliatives and welfare materials stored in warehouses to Nigerians.

The NLC in a statement by its President, comrade Ayuba Wabba also called for the investigation of officials who hoarded the palliative provisions.

The Congress said it has followed with keen concern the unfolding incidents across the country of mass storming and looting of relief welfare materials and provisions stored away in different warehouses.

Wabba said these relief palliatives and provisions are believed to have been procured by government to relieve citizens of the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown and the associated hardship.

He said, “it is obvious that the palliative provisions that were procured by government for immediate distribution to the mass of our people at their critical time of need and to assuage the hardship occasioned by the lockdown were hoarded and held back by some government officials.

“The reasons for this have not been made known to the public. We also understand that many of the palliative provisions are already getting rotten in the warehouses where they were stored.

“While we condemn the ensuing mass looting of both the Covid-19 palliatives and non-Covid-19 palliatives and non-Covid-19 palliative materials, we equally deplore the conduct of some government officials who stored away relief materials that should have been distributed to the masses of our people at their very trying times of need.

“We call on the Federal Government to investigate the conduct of those who hoarded the palliative provisions.

“In order to forestall riotous plundering of the remaining relief palliatives, the Nigeria Labour Congress demands that the Federal Government should order the immediate release of all the welfare provisions and materials to citizens.

“As we had demanded in the past, the distribution of the palliative provisions should be transparent, and inclusive with active participation of mass-based citizen groups.

“This directive should apply to state governments many of which are chiefly culprit in this regards.

“Government officials cannot afford to create a scenario that precipitate mass unrest at this very delicate and fragile milieu in global history."

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  1. I don't no, where we are, going this Nation, with bad, leaders, why their keeping covid palliative, their keeping for their family or kept for next election? Some keep it for birthday, aaaaaa nigerian why, all might GOD we polish u, that keeps it for ur people.amen.