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Friday, October 16, 2020

Ogun Socialite Monarch, Oba Sowemimo Declares Support For EndSARS Protesters, Calls For Police Reform

Oba Kolawole Sowemimo

Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji 

ABEOKUTA -  The Olu of Owode-Egba, Oba Kolawole Sowemimo has disclared his support for the EndSARS calling for adequate and proper reformation of the entire Nigeria Police Force. 

The Olu Owode while speaking with journalists in his palace at Owode, emphasized that the bad eggs within the force are those giving the force bad reputation. 

"First of all, I will say, there is nothing bad in making a protest, there is nothing bad in letting people know how you feel, but we should do it in a matured and in a peaceful way. To me, I will say this, I am going to explain better, the police should stop feeding on Nigeria citizens", he stated. 

The royal father posited that, one of the solutions of reformatory stage of the police is for the federal government, to adjust the welfare package of the officers and men which is expected to make life meaningful for them.


"I will explain better, the most important thing is the Federal Government or whoever that is in charge of the Police to just do a best police reform. The Federal Government has to increase their salary, give them a better salary, give them a very better salary, give them housing, give them good condition, so that there will be no excuse for them to be extorting people, to be taking money from people, to be killing innocent Nigerians, to be harassing people on the streets", he stated. 

"The government needs to take care of the Police, we respect them, we love them, we know they are working for us but you know it's been commercialised now, when you government failed to treat them well, they will beg for money, they will beg for something."

"Police officers will buy uniform for himself, will buy boots for himself, innocent Nigerians will be building police stations for them. When there is problem in police stations, innocent Nigerians will go there and buy them TVs, buy them fans, when their ceiling is leaking, Nigerian communities will be the one doing it for them, what are we talking about?

"The government needs to take care of them, all over the world police is priority, in everywhere in the whole nation, give them good housing, good cars, equipments, let them be happy, so that all these stories today, SARS today, SARS do this, SARS do that, will end."

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  1. May God help the government to treat and upgrade them to a beautiful situation! Then, they can be penalized for wrong dealings. Thanks Kabiesi!!!