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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Corruption, Injustice Breed Act Of Cultism Among Youths - Ojukwu

Dr. Emmanuel Ojukwu 

Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji 

ABEOKUTA - A retired Commissioner of Police, Dr. Emmanuel Ojukwu has attributed high level of corrupt practices, injustice and broken homes as factors responsible for growing rate of cultism among Nigerian youths. 

Ojukwu who was the guest speaker at the launch of Police Campaign Against Cultism and Other Vices (POCACOV) in Ogun state said Nigeria has lost it values of integrity, diligence and hardwork, hence, the need for the youths to seek justice through cult involvement. 

According to him, impunity by the government officials and public office holders was responsible for delinquency among the youths. 

"Nigeria adults, parents, persons of high positions have not been acting very fine. We see a lot of actions of impunity that someone think they can do whatever they like and go away with it. 

"So, young men are now encouraged to follow their leaders and do the same thing. They think they can do whatever they want and do away with it. Faulty parenting, many homes have been broken, parents don't have time for their children and there are so many corrupters in the society through the social media. 

"The nation has lost it values of integrity, diligence, hardwork. The value of lives have been depreciated , so young men are looking for escape ways, they are looking for how to socialise, fraternize and get along. They are looking for how to revenge against injustices in the country."

Speaking on the way out of the menace, Dr. Ojukwu stressed that, "I don't know any society where cultism have been totally eliminated, but we can reduce it and discourage young ones from getting involve and talk to those who want to get out."

Also speaking, the Ogun state Commissioner of Police, CP Edward Awolowo Ajogun attributed the rising case of cult clashes and robberies in the state to the recent EndSARS protest which  sparked controversy across the country. 

The Police Commissioner said his command was winning the fight against cultism in the state before the EndSARS protest resurfaced. 

He maintained that, country that entrusts its future in the hands of youths imbued with the very essence and orientation of cultism is without the right compass leading to growth and development. 

He said, the country need youths with the right values and orientation to take the country to greater height of competitiveness, recognition and respect in the comity of nations. 

He pointed out that, if the nation fail to flush out the errant youths whose way of life is celebration of bloodletting, gangsterism, secret rituals and voodoo, they will ground the country to a halt. 

"This year too, we have continue the same zeal, we have engaged them, we have arraigned about 100 or thereabout. It is a crime we have already successfully resolved until the EndSARS protest came in and the youths again were reminded of violence and of course some of them who have dangerous weapons in their hands also continue in their activities. 

"Unfortunately, youths are often touted as leaders of tomorrow. Indeed some are already occupying leadership positions today. But the truth is public position or office when run like a cult lacks the openness, transparency and accountability required to meaningfully impact the larger majority of the people. 

"It holds down the progress of any country as it promotes lawlessness, strife, anarchy and disorder. We don't need such errant youths amongst us, hence,  the most visible foundation of their collective abberation, cultism, has to be confronted with all the seriousness it deserves as exemplified by POCACOV."

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