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Friday, November 20, 2020

PCRC Cautions Traditional Birth Attendants Against Professional Misconduct

ABEOKUTA - The Secretary, Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC), In Ogun state, Mr. Farouk Akintunde has urged traditional birth attendants in the country to be professional in discharging their duties and avoid any act of crime and criminality capable of jeopardizing their profession. 

Akintunde equally called for the support from traditional birth attendants towards reducing ritual related crimes in the State.

The PCRC Secretary gave the charge at a day seminar organized by the Police Community Relations Committee in Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital.

He noted that, with the supports of the association, ritual killings and other related offences will reduce in the state.

He appealed to the association to warn its members from swapping or selling of babies and planceta, noting that it is criminal and the Police will not condone any act that contravenes the law of the land.

"The seminar is centered particularly about the security implications as traditional birth attendants, these are the people responsible for delivering of babies and there are a lot of story here and there that involves rituals, kidnapping, abortion and believe all these have security implication in the society and we see it necessary to call them together to let them know what they can do and what they shouldn't do.

"Our own message is for them to make sure they perform their duties in line with the extant regulations and roles so that they could not break the law and once they act in line with the rules and regulations we won't have any act of criminality on their job."

In his own response, the Chairman, traditional birth attendants in Ogun state, John Salisu commended PCRC for organizing the seminar saying the it will improve output productivity of the practitioners against the believe that traditional attendants are quacks. 

"People tends to tell us we traditional birth ruler that we are quack, but we thank God with this seminar, my members will gain alot from it. 

"People tends to call us that quacks, but we want to show the world that we are professionals. This seminar will help our profession. We will replicate what we've learnt here today."

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