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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Prepare For The Worst In 2021, Achudume Warns Nigerians

Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji 

ABEOKUTA - The General Overseer of Victory Life Bible Church (VLBC), Apostle Lawrence Achudume has enjoined Nigerians to rise up for the challenges ahead in the year 2021.

Apostle Achudume in his New Year message said, although, the coming year will be prosperous for those who work harder and have faith in God, but the people should be ready to confront the inherent challenges in the coming year. 

The soft spoken man of God in his new year message, explained that there will be more evil machination in 2021 as there will be more killings by politicians to fortify their powers. 

He however, noted that, only those who are faithful to God and remain strong in their beliefs will escape the wrath of man. 

The International preacher urged Nigerians especially Christians to be prayerful, saying crime will increase and people will involve in all manners of criminal activities to make ends meet. 

"Evil will continue to thrive, there will be more evil machination that will come on board on earth. Some supposed group of people believe that the world will not get better until the world ends. 

"But there are people that will be exempted from the instructions of man. Expect God to do the best in Isaiah 16..."arise, shine for the light has come.

"Crime will increase. People will get involve in all manners of criminal activities to make ends meet. We will keep praying for the people and the nation. Science has his limits. Anything human has its limit. The only thing that does not have a limit is God. The only thing that can help man to survive Is God's grace on a man's life.

"Crisis will continue as long the economy of nations are going down. The Americans are also entering depression."

Speaking on the second wave of Covid-19 across the world, the clergyman said "the prediction of the scientists are failing. Africans should be thankful because the Americans are recording high rate of deaths daily. God is teaching America that its science is too small. The only solution to this crisis is to return to God. 

"California recorded 300 deaths every 10mins. Car garages are turned to makeshift hospital. If that should happen in Nigeria, what will happen? We don't even have hospital that can treat malaria, how much more Covid."

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