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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Ogun Youths Award: Abiodun's Aide Asks Blogger To Remove His Name From Poll Chart

Gov. Abiodun

ABEOKUTA - The Special Assistant to the Ogun State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun on Students' Matters, Mr. Adeyemi Azeez Amoo has enjoined organizers of an online award poll, "Most Outstanding Youth In Ogun State Award" to remove his name from the polls. 

Adeyemi in a statement issued in Abeokuta on Sunday said the decision has no personal inclination, but out of the consciousness of the portfolio he held. 

The ex-NANS PRO said the responsibilities attached to his office was not youths alone. 

He appreciated the organizers for recognizing him among the nominees, saying the nomination would bring a healthy rivalry and foster commitment and dedication which resultantly will promote development and progress. 

The statement reads further:

"Awards are given to recognize an achievement, a victory or any great act that is praise worthy. Awards are a way to show that a person is both appreciated and celebrated. Awards can also encourage people to do better and they can serve as a motivation" awardsunlimited.blogspot.com 

"Sequel to the above, I appreciate Amebo Newsline for her efforts in bringing about a healthy rivalry in Ogun State Politics, at least within the limits of her exposure, such that has the potential to foster commitment and dedication which resultantly can promote development and progress.

"The greatest Mathematician on earth, Prof. Audu Gabriel Oyibo, who is coincidentally a forerunner in my field, when asked how he felt when he did not win the Scientist of the Decade Award, in his words "...whether you win or not, once you have been nominated for an award, you are equally qualified"

"Leveraging on the above, I congratulate, celebrate and salute all my contemporaries in the Most Outstanding Youth in Ogun 2020 award, a category which I have been enlisted.

"As much as I appreciate the efforts of the organizers, and what the award is set to achieve, even though I am the leading nominee as at the last time I was told about the development howbeit, I desire that my name be removed from the polls. 

"This has no personal inclination and not on any unnecessary self esteem but out of the consciousness of the constituency which brought me aboard in the first place. The Students' Constituency unlike other constituencies is a very sensitive, volatile and tasking one where no success can be fully measured until after your tenure in office when you bow out finally. A special appreciation to those who have been pledging their unalloyed support for us over time. We owe you massive thanks. In the future, when we have a healthy competition we shall aggressively seek your support as usual. We love you large because you gave us the first love.

"Also, it is worthy to note that the responsibilities attached to my portfolio is not for youths alone. There are so many people who are still students without necessarily being a youth. Yes, there are many students who are youths but there are many more who are also not youths.

"However, our daily motivation lies in the countless numbers of students whom we are able to raise a voice in their favour on timely basis. Also making sure we spare no resource in creating  enough platform for them to discover, sharpen polish and achieve their God given potentials while using available resources at the government and individual levels. This is year 2021, please let true service continue to reign."

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