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Monday, January 18, 2021

Onipokia Stool: Ruling House Asks Court To Hear Law Suit Against Ogun Government

Chief Obanla Oteni 

ABEOKUTA - The Iwaye Idodo Ruling House in Ipokia local government area of Ogun state on Monday asked the State High Court sitting in Ipokia to hear its law suit filed against the state government on the Onipokia kingship stool. 

The applicant, Prince Akeem Oyewole Dahunsi Bankole in a suit number: HCT/358/2020 filed on September 1, 2020 on behalf of the Oniteni Botemole ruling house appealed to the members of the state judicial council not to allow its integrity and the confidence which the people have in them to be eroded in the principle of fair hearing. 

Speaking at a press conference on Monday in the ancient town of Ipokia, Chief Obanla Oteni who spoke on behalf of the Oteni Botemole ruling house passionately appealed to the state Judiciary under the leadership of Chief Judge, Monilola Dipeolu to ensure that the court performs its constitutional role without bias or favor.

He added that, the judiciary must ensure that the moneybags do not sway the court off it feet through any inducement. 

He alleged that, since September 1, 2020 when a case of injustice has been instituted, the court has refused to list the matter for hearing. 

"This fraudulent selection and subsequent installation is nothing short of miscalculated.

"Several law suits by different aggrieved contestants and indigenes of the community are yet to begin hearing in the court if law at Ipokia. Some minute elements in the Town are boasting openly that no court will hear our matter.

"The purpose of this press briefing is to appeal to the Ogun state judiciary not to allow some people with lower moral value to involve them in a criminal gang up.

"We believed that the Court remains the only hope for the common man and the oppressed, the fulcrum of justice and arbiter of good conscience. 

"We also passionately appeal to the Ogun state goverment to allow the courts to perform its constitutional role without any interference."

Prince Obanla Oteni however, said it took the intervention of elders in the community to prevent the break down of law and order.

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