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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Herders Crisis: Achudume Advises Nigerians To Vote Beyond Party Lines

ABEOKUTA - Ahead of the 2023 general elections, Nigerians have been called upon not to be sentimental while voting for political leaders, but should rather vote for those who have a proven positive track record.

The Lead  Pastor  at the Victory Life Bible Church, International Apostle Lawrence Achudume made the call in an interview in Abeokuta. 

According to him, people should rather vote for the personality and not party ideology or slogan, noting that an individual who has been tested and trusted to deliver should be considered during electioneering.

Apostle Achudume who was reacting to a recent statement by the Bauchi State Governor, Alhaji Bala Muhammed throwing his weight to the carrying of AK-47 rifles by herdsmen, posited that such utterance was unguarded and unexpected of a person of his status.

He observed that the Governor directed the statement at a particular ethnic section of the populace, submitting that every Nigerian has the right to security and protection.

The Man-Of-God suggested that psychiatric test be conducted on intending candidates for political offices, to be sure that they are  mentally stable and fit for governance.

The Set Man at the Victory Life Bible Church, International,also reminded that the country is currently passing through a very tense period in its political life, pointing out that what everyone should do now is to see how to douse the tense situation.

While reacting to the move by the US President, Joe Biden to impose financial and visa restrictions on some countries, including Nigeria, he  described the intention as an infringement on the sovereignty of such nations. 

Apostle Achudume maintained that such policy should be vehemently resisted or ignored, pointing out that Nigeria remains an independent nation with her own leaders and people.

Apostle Achudume, therefore, called on the authorities in the country to see President  Joe Biden's position as wake up call to fix the economy, so that Nigerians wouldn't have to travel to America to seek for greener pastures.

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