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Thursday, February 11, 2021

OPINION: Killings In Ogun, Governor Abiodun Missing In Action

By Omooba Segun  Adewale 

ABEOKUTA - The killing of one Dele Olowoniyi by suspected Fulani Herdsmen during an attack on Oha village in Imeko, Imeko-Afon local government area of Ogun State, is the latest of several killings being witness on daily basis across border communities in Ogun West district of our beloved State.

From Imeko-Afon to Ayetoro, Oja Odan, Idiroko, Ipokia and Owode, many people have been made to die untimely, with their bodies littering our roads almost every day, no thanks to the unlawful killings by officers of the Nigeria Customs Service and wicked herdsmen in the region. This is too much for us to bear!

Sadly though, the State’s Chief Security Officer; the one who, by the provision of the Constitution, has the right to protect the lives and property of the people, has done little to stop these senseless killings. Governor Dapo Abiodun appears to be indecisive in his approach to tackling critical socio-economic issues and most especially, security matters in the state since he became governor. This likely explains why he’s sarcastically being referred to as a Baby Governor, Covid Governor, and Social Media Governor in the public space.  

It is disheartening seeing a governor not concerned about reports of incessant killings and insecurity in the Yewa region in recent times. It is shameful that the Ogun State Government took no action to address the security challenges until Sunday Adeyemo, (aka Sunday Igboho) who resides in Oyo State, presented himself in Igua, Yewa North Local government, in a bid to rescue farmers and villagers from the excesses of killer herdsmen. 

While our farmers are being killed by herders on one hand, killings by Customs men continued unabated in our communities with government showing no serious action at ending the menace.  In Ipokia, Idiroko, Owode, Oja Odan, Ilaro, Etc, there were calls, petitions and protests by both young and old in our border communities; pleading for government attention on the incessant and undeserved killings of the youths by customs officer manning the borders and roads over alleged involvement in smuggling activities.

In an ideal situation, a proactive governor should have sought the President’s audience in order to discuss the unnecessary killings by law enforcement agencies with the Commander in Chief. It is unwise for a governor to have embarked on a notice me trip to Aso-Rock just to present a photo documentary of uninspired achievements to the President when there are serious security issues at home he can discuss. Well, how would he have done that when the governor himself is missing in action. Ever since there have been reports of killings in Yewa land, our governor has not visited the area for once. One wonders what future we are building when we care less about the lives that are being wasted every day!

The reason Killings gain momentum in our land is because government don’t pay attention. So, the perpetrators always succeed with their evil enterprise. One continues to imagine whether security of lives and property is only limited to those in the city center or first class citizens alone?

The recent deployment of Joint Task Force as a response to security challenges in the troubled Yewa Communities appears to be government’s top solution to ending killings. That alone won’t solve the problem. How, for instance, will the JTF response to killings of youths by federal law enforcement agencies like the Customs? How will the JTF response to murder and related cases in farms when they are stationed or patrol the main city roads alone?

This is Ogun State! Our governor should be proactive in handling security issues. Situation like this requires urgent and immediate engagement of the President and Chief Executives of Federal Law Enforcement Agencies at the top. The governor is expected to lead this cause regularly until we record zero number of unnecessary killings in our land. Resolutions at these engagements should be centered on stating and agreeing to civilized method of clamping down offenders of economic activities within border communities without leading to untimely death of our people. 

The singular action of forming JTF in which the federal police leads its operation will not totally end killings and farmers-herdsmen clashes. Governor Dapo Abiodun should be courageous to set up the Ogun State Amotekun Security Team. This will strengthen intelligence gathering which will expose evil doers and aid quick response. We need to copy from other states in South West that are already making progress in the area of security through the engagement of the Amotekun Security Team. It is when we do these and more to secure lives and property that we will be sure that the future we are building together will last when we live in peace and harmony. 

God bless Ogun State.





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