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Friday, April 30, 2021

Creation Of Additional Igbo State Solution To Agitations — Igbokwe

LAGOS - Special Adviser to Lagos Governor on Drainage Services Joe Igbokwe has stated one of the many solutions to the agitations of the Igbos in Nigeria is to create an additional state.

He explained the creation of an additional Igbo state is justified because other regions have greater number of states leaving the Igbos with only five.

Igbokwe, a chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC), spoke at his book launch presentation titled “Igbos: 50 years after Biafra”.

He noted the creation of one more Igbo state will give room for other positions to be created and most importantly provide more jobs for the people.

According to him: “What I’m asking Nigeria to do is to create an additional Igbo state. If anything is being shared in the country today, we get the least.

“North-East has six, North-West has seven, South-South has six, North-Central has six while South-West has six. Only Igbo has five states.

“If you create one Igbo state now, we’ll have three senators about six, seven or eight House of Reps members, one state capital, one state university, 15 thousand jobs, one speaker, Members House of Assembly, Local governments, more revenue for the zone…

“You cannot say we can’t do it because we have the population. Just try this and see and you’ll see automatic change.”

He added: “Let us think Nigeria. Nigeria is a destination. If we go into pieces, we will cease to be a destination. We seize to be a market. This diversity is a plus. Every ethnic group has something to bring to the table. What we are asking is justice, there will be peace and progress.”

He stated the additional state should have been created during Obasanjo’s tenure but due to disagreement, they could not actualise it but now is the time.

While speaking on the worrisome attacks in the South, Igbokwe called on Igbo elders to speak up at this critical moment to prevent any form of ‘war’.

He said: “If we do not rise as elders and speak, the children may wear snakes as necklaces.

“The elders must speak. We have not decided where we want to go. For me, I’m part and parcel of Nigeria. Igbo apprentices are thriving all over Nigeria.”

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