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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

5 More Contact Center Reports Worth Your Time

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who wish to provide the best customer experience to their customers must find
out how their support team is doing. This can be a bit hard at times especially
if done by the company itself. Fortunately there are companies that publish
reports and white papers based on their research, surveys, and studies done by
them. However, the catch is that many companies are doing them that it is hard
to determine which of these companies are giving high quality reports.

reports also serve another purpose. They can help companies feel the pulse of
the customer. Have a good understanding of which communication channel he/she
wishes to use. This will help them be prepared to serve their customers better.

there are many support software available and companies have a hard time
deciding which one to use. In fact many companies read these reports to decide
which one to use.
contact center report

List of contact center reports that
companies can rely on

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant
famed Magic Quadrant of Gartner has also got strong reactions from many
quarters who feel that it wrong to judge or rank contact centers based on two
dimensions. This is because the two dimension are considered not only highly
subjective but also oddly named. The report is considered important for CCaaS.
The contact centers are divided into four groups challengers, leaders,
visionaries, and niche players.

Important findings:
year it has listed Talkdesk  as a
visionary contact center while it has mentioned Avaya directly, but it has
mentioned other companies that use its technology. That means it has referred
it indirectly.

The Inner Circle Guide
Inner Circle Guide is written by ContactBabel for the Omnichannel Customer
Contact. The report compares digital channels to voice calls in terms of growth,
volume, and cost. It studies and contrasts the channels customers prefer to use
to the ones that they actually use. One can detailed reports for all channels
including Web Chat, email, and social media. Things that are studied under this
include how smart phones affect the contact center, how WhatsApp and Facebook
affect the contact centers, and effects of web RTC and video.

Important findings
report has given a idea about how call centers expect the inbound channels mix
to be 12 months from now when compared to the present.

Contact Center 2.0, The Rise of
Collaborative Contact Centers
report has been written by Brian Solis of Altimeter and this report has
conducted survey among 500 employees of companies that either have a contact
center or they plan to open one. The only problem is that they have surveyed
only employees in both UK and USA.

Important findings
the companies surveyed around 61% fall in any of these three categories – fully
moved to cloud, partially moved to cloud, or have plans to move to cloud in the
near future. This is highly tricky as partial can mean anything and plan to
change can also mean anything.

highest interaction channel is email with 83 % followed by voice in 71 %. It
has, however, said that voice is the best option when it comes to providing
good customer service. This proves that companies must not ignore the voice
channel because there are many channel to choose from.

Global Contact Centre Benchmark
Contact Centre Benchmark has been written by Dimension Data. This report is
highly valued as the company has not changed the questions it has been asking
as well as the technology about which they are asking. In fact nothing has
changed 1997. The report has the unique speciality that it can show people how
customer service has been evolving from that year.

Important findings
report has predicted that the use of digital channels will rise and soon over
take the voice channel.

Eight Key Trends to Transform your
Digital Customer Experience
Eight Key Trends to Transform your Digital Customer Experience has been written
by the collaboration of both Cisco and BT. The report has conducted a survey of
customers from around 10 countries. These countries include India, Singapore,
China, and Netherlands. The report talks about how chat based messaging has
been increasing. That means chat based platforms such as Facebook messenger,
and WhatsAPP. It, however, points that even though they are on the rise many
people still prefer to use the traditional phone. That means the traditional
phone based
customer support is not going away anytime soon.

Important findings
number of people who have use whatsapp as well as other chat channels have
increased dramatically.This proves that the popularity of these chat channels
is on the rise.
thing is that number of people contacting call centers through phone has
slightly decreased.

After thoughts
are many companies that conduct these studies and do the research. They have
surveyed and published many white papers. Like we have mentioned above, it
is quite a task to separate the good quality materials from the worthless
stuff.  These reports can not only help
companies decided which chat channel to use, but also which support software
they want to use.

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